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Acquia Network

Acquia has been a great service for me. In fact so often I am close to a solution and you guys push me over into having it solved. I cannot say enough good things about your company.

"Brenda Boggs in Acquia Support has become Code Level Up's secret weapon, ace in the hole, intellect of last resort. Whenever our team is scratching our heads about how to approach a Drupal issue, Brenda is there with a creative idea, a mind-bogglingly-useful link that explains exactly how to resolve our problem, or some sage advice to steer us in the right direction. Our project is considerably ahead of schedule thanks to Brenda. I could not recommend her, or the Acquia service, more highly."

Acquia has built a team of people who understand Drupal and understand how to apply the Drupal framework to your needs. Our Jumpstart mentor had answers for all of our questions -- from coding tasks to deployment and strategy. He was as interested in transferring knowledge as he was in working hands on to get us closer to our goal. The Jumpstart was critical in orienting us in the Drupal world, pointing us towards the best resources and showing us how to develop for ease of upgrading, scaling and maintaining our codebase.