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Acquia Drupal

In other words, there's still an open world of community-supported Drupal for those that value cash over time and other resources. But for those that wouldn't mind a shortcut to Drupal-based productivity, there's Acquia Drupal.

OStatic: Acquia is working on a commercially supported version of Drupal. What do you think of that effort?

I think it is a natural step and a sign that Drupal is maturing. The explosive growth that Drupal has seen in the last five years is only helped by having the perceived legitimacy that a commercially supported version provides. Though Drupal is often used internally by IT teams, having the option of a commercial name behind it can bring more confidence to that decision and grow the Drupal community at the same time.

I have a confession to make - after close to a decade covering XML, I have something of a new love ... and the name of that love is Drupal. Drupal's become one of those interesting hobbies that is rapidly becoming both a profession and a passion. It wasn't supposed to happen this way ...

As to Drupal, it has effectively become to web portals what Eclipse is to application development, and has the potential to significantly challenge Microsoft's Sharepoint or similar commercial portal applications in that space.

“In my opinion we can now add the founder of the open source content management system Drupal (and its commercial startup Acquia) Dries Buytaert to the rock star list.”

"That is a system that would have cost a half a million dollars...The stuff that I am able to build with Drupal that scales and handles load and does the kind of stuff I am want to do is just mind-blowing. And I find it very easy to use."