Construction Workfoce Development Center Labor Supply/Demand Forecasting Web Application

Wirespeak Portfolio

Wirespeak designed and developed a web application using Drupal as the framework, to collect information on major industrial capital and maintenance projects, as well as labor supply data. The application uses predictive forecasting models to produce comprehensive data and charts for craft labor supply and demand by state, region, and nationally.

The application is currently being used by Fortune 100 companies, including: General Electric, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Intel Corporation, and Procter & Gamble.

Benefit to Companies:

  • Reliable web-based tracking system to maintain data on current and proposed projects
  • Ability to view regional summary information on total construction labor requirements
  • Easy access to input information on a regular basis
  • Secure interface to ensure confidentiality of project information
  • Common methodology and broader company participation
  • Lower cost than the traditional method of conducting regional ad hoc surveys

Benefit to Construction Contractors:

  • Timely data to assist with recruiting and training strategies
  • Reliable web-based tracking system to understand labor supply and demand

Benefit to Local User Councils (LUC):

  • LUC's can provide data more timely than current annual surveys
  • Data is more comprehensive than LUC's are able collect, including information outside the LUC region
  • Improved regional forecasting data to members without incurring the survey cost