crowd-creation GmbH

Hasselborner Str. 19-21
35647 Waldsolms, HE
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Media and Publishing
Key Solution Areas: 
Application integration
Custom module development
Interactive strategy

Everything is already available - we help you find it quickly!

You are innovative and looking for the right environment, one that really appreciates your abilities and has been fruitlessly searching for them for a long while already? - Two parties that should absolutely come together!

You've already found US - a very good start. With our innovative "Community Box 3.0", we offer you the tools you need to unleash your creative potential.

crowd-creation was founded as a private, independent company in 2009 and was converted into a limited liability company in 2014. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of portals, community development and online market research. We, crowd-creation, live up to the promise of our name.

Use Community Box 3.0 to find your personal "crowd", that is the group of talented people with whom you can best enhance and develop your ideas.

Community Box is a tool that can optimize your bilateral and multilateral communication. In addition, it is particularly useful for idea contests, where it can help you find all suitable associates externally and internally. You'll be surprised how much knowledge is hidden in corners where you would have never expected it.

We develop YOUR custom solution together with you.

For your personal innovation process, we bring together the most diverse user groups: colleagues, experts, developers, customers, fans and partners. If you still need more to whet your appetite, let us present you with our favorite bit: leasing, including training in Community Box!

Give US the start signal for YOUR resounding success!

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