The Partner program is designed to drive the success of our customers and increase the value that they receive by selecting Acquia as the basis of their social publishing efforts. The program increases the value to the customer by providing a high level of confidence that a solution provider will deliver a reliable implementation of an Acquia social publishing solution. The customer is assured that by selecting an Acquia partner, they are working with a team that is committed to the same high standards for ethics, quality, and innovation that they expect from Acquia.

Acquia has established a program that provides partners with opportunities to enhance their own branding, to build joint product and service offerings and to jointly develop marketing and sales strategies. The Acquia partnership model offers multiple levels to fit a variety of partner needs and ensure the success of all participants.

In any new venture, partners need to decide on the suitable level of investment in alliance programs. The Acquia Partner program includes multiple levels , enabling a partner to make the best choice to maximize their return.