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Joint activities

Acquia will engage in joint marketing activities to help our partners leverage the Acquia brand to build their social publishing business.

  • Press Releases.  Acquia will issue press releases announcing all entrants into the Enterprise levels of the partner program.

    Acquia will also prepare releases when a joint customer launches a web site or application built upon Acquia technology. These releases are offered for all customers of Enterprise level partners, and may be released at Acquia's option for other levels. This releases will include quotes from partner executives and the partner can issue them jointly.

  • Corporate Events. Acquia will run periodic marketing building events to discuss the value of our solutions to prospective and existing customers. Enterprise partners are encouraged to propose joint events to conduct with Acquia.
  • Email Campaigns. Much like corporate events, Acquia will also conduct periodic email campaigns to build our marketing base. These campaigns will go exclusively to individuals who opt-in for communication from Acquia. Enterprise partners are also encouraged to propose joint email campaigns that target opt-in lists from both parties.
  • Other Activities. Other joint marketing opportunities will undoubtedly arise for Acquia and our Enterprise partners.