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Open Source Drupal Marks the Spot for eBay’s X.com [Oct 13, 2011]

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donderdag, 13 oktober 2011

Wired discusses eBay's migration to Drupal and Acquia Commons and the evolution of Drupal from Dries Buytaert's Belgian dorm room.

Proprietary Social Business Software and Its Dirty Little Secrets

I love it when, for the third time in the past week, we get off the phone with a customer of our Social Business Software (SBS) competitor, Jive Software, and we hear that they are playing the same games that Enterprise software companies have played for the last thirty years:

- Everything is a "customization"
- Customizations cost lots of money
- Organizations need to rely on the company or its partners to perform customizations

Acquia's Invite Lost in the Mail?

It’s a bummer Acquia’s invitation to discuss social business software for the enterprise with TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy got lost in the mail. I hate when that happens. Good news is we’re not easily offended, and will contribute to the discussion anyway.

Innovation is at the Heart of Open Source

Network World published a story about the decision that the US Veteran's Administration has made to pursue open source for their next generation VistA (VA Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture)system.

Don't Jive Me

The market for business oriented social software solutions is exploding, for good reason. Organizations are learning that their employees, customers and business partners collaborate more effectively in the web 2.0, interactive web world.