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Delivering Drupal to the Enterprise #drupalcon [March 23, 2012]

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Vrijdag, 23 maart 2012
CMS Wire

At DrupalCon in Denver, DPCI, Achieve Internet and Blink Reaction were three of the vendors offering Drupal solutions for the enterprise.

Blink Reaction

Blink Reaction is an enterprise Drupal development company and an Elite Acquia Enterprise Select Partner. Blink Reaction's services include integrating Drupal with third-party applications, such as CRM, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Salesforce. In this expo floor video, Ray Saltini, Drupal Evangelist at Blink Reaction, explains how his company fits into DrupalCon.

Achieve Internet

Achieve Internet has built enterprise Drupal websites for big-name clients, including NBC Universal, Disney and Fast Company. In this video, Ron Huber, CEO of Achieve Internet, explains why DrupalCon is a good fit for his company.


Joseph Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI, a content and DAM solutions provider, says that his company has a lot of experience in business challenges that need to be solved with digital asset management tools. I spoke with him at DrupalCon to find out more about the role Drupal plays in his company.

Bachana says that currently his company is working on refining the EMBridge module, which extends the image management functionalities of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open source digital asset management platform.

He also has plans to integrate Drupal with Adobe's InDesign program and text editors, such as Microsoft Word and NeoOffice, which could be huge news for publishers. Imagine writing an article in your favorite text editor, which is connected to your Drupal site and with a few clicks the article is formatted with images out of your library and ready for the web. Then, a few clicks later, that same article is dumped into your InDesign template with a hi-res version of an image pulled from your digital asset management solution and ready to go to print.

Bachana admits that this is an ambitious project that could transform the way we publish across platforms. The challenge, he says, is scaling and getting partners who want to help out with the project. Frankly, I can't wait to see his vision become a reality, so check back for updates as his project progresses.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Touts Social, Product Announcements [6/22/11]

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woensdag, 22 juni 2011

Acquia, which was founded by Drupal's creator in 2007, announced Commons 2.0, the next version of its social business software. Commons, an open-source platform, combines social features such as activity streams, social networking, blogs, wikis, badges and events with analytics, support and management services.

Their newest release will give enterprises the freedom to create communities based on their social style and design. Acquia touts easy integration of its SaaS solution, promising deployment in weeks instead of months, and a lower cost than proprietary solutions, the company says.

Acquia Announces Open Social Business Software Commons 2.0 [6/21/11]

BOSTON, MA (ENTERPRISE 2.0 CONFERENCE 2011) – June 21, 2011 - Acquia, the leading provider of commercial solutions for Drupal, today introduced Commons 2.0, the next generation of its ready-to-use open social business software solution.

Over 20 Exhibitors Make New Product & Service Announcements at Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston [6/13/11]

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maandag, 13 juni 2011
PR Newswire

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference, produced by UBM TechWeb, today previews exhibitor news and announcements that will be happening at next week's event, taking place June 20-23, 2011 at the Hynes Convention Center. Enterprise 2.0 Conference is the leading event for companies looking to transform their business through social business tools and application platforms and is a unique setting for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services to a targeted E2 audience. More information available at: http://www.e2conf.com/.

"We're thrilled with the announcements being made by those at the forefront of Enterprise 2.0," said Steve Wylie, Enterprise 2.0 Conference General Manager. "This impressive preview into exhibitor news happening at Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston attests to the strength of the event and the innovation occurring in today's market. We are excited to learn more about these new technologies and social business products next week and to have the opportunity to interact with them first-hand."

The list of companies making announcements leading up to or at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference currently includes:

Acquia is revealing the newest version of its "open alternative" social business software, giving enterprises the freedom to create communities matching their desired social style and design. Commons 2.0 offers the most complete and flexible enterprise-class solution for building communities at a lower cost than proprietary solutions.

Assessing the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace in 2009: Robust and crowded

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donderdag, 18 december 2014

Social software platforms, including services such as Facebook and Twitter, have become one of the primary channels for communication amongst consumers this year, even eclipsing e-mail in some parts of the developed world.

The same however, can’t quite be said yet for the workplace. While the adoption numbers for social applications are still impressive in business (about half of all large organizations), actual adoption and use is lagging significantly behind the non-business world as organizations take the time to assess a range of issues with enterprise social computing, including appropriateness, security, control, management methods, and roll-out strategies.

However, given the widespread interest and popularity in social tools these days, it’s becoming a pretty safe bet that you’ll be seeing them in some form on a workplace intranet near you. The question is in what form? The choices of social tools these days can be daunting and are only increasing rapidly, with new entries appearing weekly and existing ones being upgraded often. What’s increasingly needed is a detailed look at what’s currently available in business-class social software and how it sizes up, which we’ll try to do in high-level form here.

As we’ll see, since last year’s marketplace map, there has been a veritable explosion in social applications that are intended for use in business settings, both internally or externally. These offerings have a surprisingly wide range of features and so in this post I will explore one of the broadest and most important categories of business social software, Enterprise 2.0, in detail. I’ve also included a pretty comprehensive map of the marketplace for 2009 as defined by the products that are available today (or are highly anticipated and soon to be released, such as Google Wave.)

ZDNet Names Drupal as a Top Community Platform

Dion Hinchcliffe over at ZDNet has named Drupal as one of the top ten leading platforms for creating online communities, one small notch behind Joomla. The first part of Dion's post explains the current state of online community building practices and technology. Dion does a lot of consulting with top companies seeking to build communities around their products and services, and his insights are on target.
Although I would have put Drupal in the #1 spot, I really like Dion's brief description of Drupal:

Need your vote - Acquia round 2 video @ Enterprise 2.0 Launchpad

Thanks to everyone who voted for Acquia in the first round of Enterprise 2.0's people's choice (aka American Idol) contest for their Launchpad event. We received 80 votes in the first round and made it to Round 2. The top 4 vote getters in Round 2 will present on stage at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

Please take a moment to view & vote for Acquia's 2nd round video.

Acquia selected as Finalist for 2008 MITX Technology Awards

2008 Tech Awards Finalist.jpgAcquia has been selected as a finalist in the Collaboration and Social Networking category for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards. This is the fifth year MITX has offered the awards to recognize innovative companies and technologies in the New England region across nine categories:

Vote for Acquia @ Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad

<p>Acquia is participating in another <a href="http://launchpad.enterprise2conf.com/">Launch Pad</a> event, this time for the <a href="http://www.enterprise2conf.com/">Enterprise 2.0 conference</a>. For this Launch Pad event, technology companies were asked to submit a one-minute video pitch to be voted on by the Enterprise 2.0 community. There will be multiple rounds, with four companies eventually on stage at the Enterprise 2.0 conference to present and demonstrate in front of a live audience.</p>

Enterprise 2.0 2008

Come see Acquia speakers and visit the Acquia booth at Enterprise 2.0 2008.

Watch our video and vote for Acquia to participate in the Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad event.


Topics covered by the conference this year include:

* Social Networking in Business
* Social Networks as New Media
* Microblogging & Twitter