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Acquia pakt uit op DrupalCon [16 maart 2012]

DRUPALCON DENVER, CO - March 16, 2012 - Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal, is a Diamond sponsor at DrupalCon, the official and largest international gathering of Drupal developers and users, which will be held at the Colorado Convention Center, March 19-23, 2012.

Making the Switch: Drupal 4 Developers

To follow up on our post about the Security Training we're running in Denver, we now introduce you to our second training course - "Making the Switch: For Experienced Developers Moving to Drupal" taught by Jeff Beeman, Joshua Brauer, and Chris Porter.

Check out the (very amateur) video below with Jeff Beeman and Erik Webb. Jeff is leading this years course, and Erik taught this course with Jeff in London & Chicago. They have some fun doing a "fireside" chat and covering the outline of the course. Watch for Jeff's watch... ;)

DrupalCon Denver VIP Giveaways from Acquia

DrupalCon Denver Giveaway

DrupalCon Denver is just over a month away (41 days to be exact!), and it can’t come soon enough! We’re particularly excited about this year’s theme: Collaborative Publishing for Every Device. Mobile is so hot right now, and Drupal is ready to lead the way. We’re excited to learn from you, the Drupal experts, and share our own experiences, too.

A new kind of Drupalcon session

What is the purpose of sessions at Drupalcon? Why do speakers put in the effort to give them? Why does anyone attend them?

I believe that the purpose of sessions at Drupalcon is to spread knowledge about Drupal. The speakers put in the effort because they genuinely want to teach the material, and people attend because they genuinely want to learn.

DrupalCon London 2011 Concludes As Europe's Most Successful Drupal Event Ever [9/2/11]

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Vrijdag, 2 september 2011
The Wall Street Journal

DrupalCon London also served as a platform for companies launching new initiatives and products, including Acquia's unveiling of the "Acquia Apps Market" for customers of its Acquia Network service.

Why DrupalCon London Codesprint was so good

By Heather James

Confession: I'm not a coder, and I love code sprints. Previously, I wrote about how Awesome BoFs are, but really, the best part of DrupalCon is: The Code Sprint. And London's was a great example. Here's why: the context, the space and organization, which I'll describe in more detail. Even with the amount of people involved (150+ about 10%) we could have fit more! I'd also like to convince you why you really don't want to miss the next one... because you will be guaranteed to experience the zeitgeist moment you can only get at the code sprint at DrupalCons.

Breaking News: DrupalCon London Special Offer!

DrupalCon London is just over a month away, and we are counting down the days over here at Acquia. In particular, we are excited for our pre-conference training, Drupal Business Day, and of course the Official DrupalCon London Party.