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Drupal... Marketing. Marketing... Drupal. Nice to meet you!

We are only a couple of weeks into 2011, but we’ve already had a very exciting start to the New Year with the launch of Drupal 7, version 1.3 of Drupal Commons, and the release of the upgrades in functionality for Drupal Gardens. Not to mention, it was announced that all Acquians +1 are invited to celebrate our 2010 success in Puerto Rico this April. It’s the beginning of a year that we anticipate will be filled with fantastic growth, challenges, learning, and fun!

Still need a job? Learned Drupal yet?

Submitted on
donderdag, 27 november 2014
cnet News

A year ago, I wrote about how those looking for work should consider learning Drupal, an open-source Web content management system. According to the project team, Drupal now powers 1 percent of all of the Web sites in the world.

Drupal 7 nears release candidate stage

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donderdag, 27 november 2014

Drupal 7, the next major version of the popular open source content management system, could reach a release candidate stage as early as this week, the founder of the system said on Wednesday.

Drupal 7 Sprint Camp Hannover

This Sprint Camp is all about contributing to Drupal. It's planned as a national German event for about 40 to 50 participants. The goal of the Sprint Camp is sprinting for Drupal 7 core and some contrib modules, mainly Views, but also to improve German documentation, translation of core and modules as well as marketing Drupal to the German public. The sprint will take place in Hannover.

Drupal 7: Get Real, Get Dirty, and Get It Done

Yesterday I participated in the Drupal 7 code sprint with a host of excellent people. We made good progress and also talked about the state of the Drupal 7 release. Apparently Moshe and I came to a very similar conclusion about what needs to be done and both decided to blog about it; in fact I stole the title of this post from him.

Acquia Podcast 17: Interview with Todd Tomlinson, author of "Beginning Drupal 7"

In this episode, we talk with Todd Tomlinson about his new book "Beginning Drupal 7", which is a book geared towards new Drupal users.

Show notes:
Apress book page - http://apress.com/book/view/1430228598


Drupal Gardens adds blog template, analytics, pseudo-class styling & more

Last week the Acquia engineering team finished its first post-DrupalCon sprint and upgraded nearly 9,500 Drupal Gardens sites to a new release. For an invitation-only beta, that is a lot of sites. Considering that this effort is combined with running on recent daily builds of the Drupal 7 alpha, the team has no shortage of challenges.

Are The CMS Wars About To Heat Up?

Submitted on
donderdag, 27 november 2014

I had the chance to meet with Drupal CMS creator Dries Buytaert at the SXSW conference last week. After the chat with Buytaert, I started to wonder if a CMS war is on the horizon.

Drupal 7 Targets the Enterprise

Submitted on
donderdag, 27 november 2014

Fresh off a new round of financing, open source content management (CMS) vendor Acquia is putting its new funds to work in taking the Drupal open source CMS to new heights in the enterprise.

For Acquia, Drupal's lead commercial sponsor, a new influx of $8 million last month will help fuel the engineering behind the upcoming Drupal 7 release, which is intended to help make the software more attractive to enterprise CMS users.

The money -- which follows $7 million Acquia raised in March 2008 -- will also help the company build a Drupal 7-powered, cloud-based service model, codenamed "Acquia Gardens".