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Acquia launch coverage

Cheers to the Acquia launch, which went really well. Hundreds of people signed up for a free community subscription. Also, check out Jeff Whatcott's blog post covering some of the blog posts, press articles, and Tweets about our new product and service offerings.

Acquia launch round up: looking back on a big day

I spent most of the day yesterday reading and participating in Drupal.org threads, blog posts, press articles, forum threads, Twitter feeds, and IRC transcripts of full of conversation about our new product and service offerings.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Press Articles

Acquia out of beta

After months of hard work, Acquia is now open for business! Starting today, everyone can connect their Drupal 6 site to the Acquia Network to take advantage of our services. Oh my!

Vote for Drupal

Drupal is a finalist in the Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards in both the Overall Open Source CMS and PHP CMS categories. Readers who already know and love Drupal should head over to the links below and vote now. The rest of you should read on.

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10 open source companies to watch

Submitted on
donderdag, 17 april 2014
Network World

With the Open Source Conference (OSCon) and IDG's LinuxWorld show in the rearview mirror of 2008, it is clear that open source is no longer just a trendy conversation.

What has happened is a clear evolution of a community that has grown up and produced intelligent, cutting-edge technologies with an eye on making computing faster, smarter and cheaper for corporate users. Companies like Openmoko are challenging the mobile device market with its notion that users should control what applications are installed. Others like XAware and SnapLogic are opening up data integration possibilities, and still more are tangling with virtualization, databases, and trading systems. Along with a company accurately called Untangle, the companies' point is to make computing less complex.

The decision is no longer a question of open source, but about what product is best at solving computing problems regardless of how it was built.

Here is a look at 10 companies to watch.

Drupal.org redesign keynote presentation video by the re-design team

The first 13:45 is Szeged conference logistics, so you will want to forward to get to the beginning of the keynote.

The DX Files: Abandon Anonymous Arrays of Attributes

This is part three of my series, The DX Files: Improving Drupal Developer Experience. This time, I’m suggesting changing some of Drupal’s most basic data structures and APIs by replacing anonymous arrays with well-defined data structures. I fully expect lots of disagreement.

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Six Drupal.org redesign proposals received, association votes on Monday

Last night I met with Tiffany Farriss and Drupal association board member Larry Garfield at the Palantir offices in Chicago. I was in town for HostingCon. We reviewed the six proposals we received from 6 design firms.

Loopfuse and Acquia Bring Marketing Automation to Drupal

Submitted on
donderdag, 17 april 2014
CMS Wire

Loopfuse and Acquia have announced the availability of the Loopfuse Integration module for Drupal. The module links Drupal installations to the commercial Loopfuse OneView automated marketing product. The module, funded by Acquia and Loopfuse, was developed to connect the Acquia website to OneView, and has been donated to the Drupal community and is available to download at Drupal.org.

Loopfuse OneView is aimed at small to medium-size organizations, offering an ‘all-in-one’ online marketing and sales solution. Oneview is a ‘full-featured marketing automation suite’, incorporating marketing campaign implementation and tracking, generating and tracking leads from a Website, full analytics support, and CRM integration with ‘most major vendors’.

We think this is a pretty good example of the Drupal project benefitting from Acquia’s forays into the commercial realm.