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Acquia product strategy and vision

In my Acquia 2010 retrospective, I promised to write a bit more about Acquia's product strategy. This blog post provides a high level view of the vision that we've been working towards for the last 3 years, and explains how Acquia can help simplify your web strategy.

Acquia Search: an update after one year

About 20 months ago, at Acquia, we began working on a hosted offering for Apache Solr, an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Exactly one year ago, we launched it commercially as Acquia Search. Time and the public reaction have proven that we made the right choice.

Acquia Search release features

We have marked the one year anniversary of the our hosted search service by rolling out a significant update with new features and some fixes. This was released Wednesday night (June 30).

The S-Files: Adding a custom sort to Acquia Search (Apache Solr)

Tech Support Case Studies

We've received several inquiries about adding custom sorts to the the sorting block on search results for our popular Acquia Search product. This is fortunately quite easy, though it currently involves preparing a custom module that implements one hook:

function hook_apachesolr_prepare_query(&$query) {
// You can get the 'solr_field_name' from q=admin/reports/apachesolr
$query->set_available_sort('solr_field_name', array(
// how the sort link is to appear in the sorts block
'title' => t('Name of sort'),
'default' => 'asc', // or 'desc'

Apache Solr Excitement at Drupalcon

As of the final Drupalcon Paris code sprint, http://groups.drupal.org was upgraded to Drupal 6, and its site search has also started running on Apache Solr. Since last summer we have used a scrubbed groups.drupal.org database dump which we updated to Drupal 6.x as a test set for Apache Solr Search Integration functionality and screen shots. Having it live on the groups site is great because we've been able to see for months the kind of improved search results that are possible, but frustratingly unable until now to access them in real life.

The groups.drupal.org upgrade was only one of the exciting developments, lively BoFs, or informative presentations around the integration of Apache Solr with Drupal last week. I enjoyed hearing Mike O'Conner's talk about his efforts to integrate Solr search with Ubercart, and several teams discussed their plans to use Apache Solr for existing sites or upcoming projects.

Acquia Search Released Into Acquia Network

Submitted on
Vrijdag, 19 december 2014
CMS Wire

After allowing Acquia Search to simmer in over two hundred and fifty beta tester kitchens for a few months, Acquia has taken the product and added it to its selection of hosted Acquia Network services.

What Is Acquia Search?

Acquia Search is a hosted search service for Drupal 6.x sites. Those who sign on for this SaaS approach push their Drupal content to Acquia's search servers, which use Apache's Lucene and Solr to index the content and handle the searches.

Acquia launches enterprise search for Drupal

Submitted on
Vrijdag, 19 december 2014
Image and Data Manager

A hosted Search service that can be installed as a module on any Drupal 6 website has been launched by Acquia, the company that offers enterprise support for the open source content management system.

Search was released into beta in March 2009 and provides support for enterprise-scale site indexing and navigation.

By leveraging faceted search navigation, content recommendations and configurable results weighting, Acquia Search creates a rich index of site content and dramatically improves end-user search experience.

Acquia, Which Provides Commercial Drupal Support, Delivers Search

Submitted on
Vrijdag, 19 december 2014

We've covered Acquia, which delivers commercial support for the powerful Drupal content management system a number of times. Acquia also delivers its own distribution of Drupal, and the company's co-founder (and also founder of Drupal) Dries Buytaert has now announced that the company has come out of beta testing with its version of Acquia Search. It's available at no cost as part of every Acquia Network subscription. If you're looking for a free, open source tool to run a web site, and need solid search and inexpensive support, the one-two punch that Drupal and Acquia offer may be just right for you.

Acquia Search: benefits for site administrators

Yesterday we took the beta-wraps off of Acquia Search, and I followed up with a post about why Acquia Search matters for site visitors. We're still having some good discussions in the comments and the Twitter-sphere, but today I want to talk a bit more about the technical details. How does Acquia Search work, what does our infrastructure look like, and why is it a great deal for site owners?