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How to know your site is up, and manage access in the Acquia toolset

I’m exceptionally proud to announce the general availability of some new features for the Acquia toolset: Uptime Monitoring and Teams & Permissions.

Over the last several months we’ve gone through a careful beta phase; rolling these tools out to limited sets of users, gathering their feedback, refining, bug-fixing, and making sure they fit the bill. Now, with hundreds of customers using these features we’re ready to take the “beta” label off and offer them to all.

Secure Acquia accounts with two-step verification and strong passwords

Today I’m proud to announce the general availability of three new authentication and access control security features for the Acquia Network. The following features will help ensure the security of your account and sites on Acquia Cloud by securing the sign-in process and enabling subscription-based access controls on the Acquia Network:

Announcing One-Click Install Drupal Distributions on Acquia Cloud

As Dries has stated many times, Drupal is the future of the web, and distributions are critical to that future. On a CMS where speed to market is already a strength, Drupal’s distributions represent ready to use solutions for assembled digital experiences.

Bridge the gap between Drupal & Non-Drupal content using RDFa/Semantic Data

Problem at hand!

Search is a hard thing to achieve, it really is. Let me show this by using an example of a restaurant chain that wants to add Drupal as their homepage of their whole chain. Of course, like many other organizations they do not only have Drupal running but also a subset of other web frameworks of open and closed source systems.

Real-time action right where you post on Drupal

Authored by: Chartbeat

We’re pretty excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Acquia! Now all your favorite real-time data is right in the Acquia network for all your Drupal and Acquia customers. That means if you’re already using Acquia and Chartbeat, you’ll just install the plugin and start seeing your data immediately.

Meet Peter Wolanin: We are changing the world.

In 2004, Peter Wolanin, then a full-time scientist, discovered Drupal while volunteering on a political campaign and building its website. As he puts it, the road to becoming a full-time software engineer at Acquia started when he discovered that "pretty soon, I got more interested in fixing the bugs than building the site ... "The satisfaction of fixing things sort of drew me in."


Drupal without borders: Achieving your internationalization goals with Lingotek

Today, many organizations are looking to create localized experiences around the globe with their Drupal sites. However, navigating the landscape of options for accomplishing this, and building the strategy for rolling it out, can be an extremely time-intensive process.
Acquia is pleased to announce a pre-built integration with new partner for the Acquia Network – Lingotek. Lingotek gives large organizations new ways to engage their global communities by providing trusted, rapid translations to expand and grow business in a cost effective way.


uTest Partners with Acquia to Provide Load Testing Services to Web Developers [Dec 1, 2011]

Submitted on
donderdag, 1 december 2011

uTest, a provider of in-the-wild software testing services, announced that it will provide Web developers with an end-to-end suite of load testing services for building new and improved websites and to enhance the website user experience through its partnership with Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal.