How Drupal 7 Manages Linked Data for Smart Web Experiences

Drupal 7 makes it easy to create great digital experiences by managing the semantics for enterprise applications within a content management system. Drupal 7 provides the essential resources for defining Linked Data elements as content types with native support for RDFa built into its core.

As a result, Drupal easily maintains semantically aware content within an enterprise application environment. Extensions developed by the Drupal community provide direct support for such varied applications as the extensible schema defined by, SPARQL endpoints for remote queries, and WebID for online identity authentication and management.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explain how this semantic spicing make a difference for the flexibility of web experiences
  • Describe the results from several Drupal-powered projects that are now managing their content as Linked Data
  • Identify how these projects add new dimensions to web solutions by exposing third party datasets
  • Highlight promising use cases for embedding semantics into enterprise applications