How to Create a Personalized Web Experience Using Drupal

How to Create a Personalized Web Experience Using Drupal

How does Netflix suggest what other movies and shows you might like? How do ecommerce sites show you that “people who view this also viewed that?” How does your favorite news site show you articles based on your preferences without your telling them?

A lot of effort and money is going into personalizing your web experience because this strategy is very effective. In a recent large scale deployment, we saw content personalization strategies yield impressive results including:

  • 36 percent increase in total visits per month
  • 46 percent increase in unique visitors per month
  • 72 percent increase in page views per month
  • 74 percent increase in average visit duration

In this session, Jason Yarrington, VP Professional Services of Digital Bungalow, will present an overview of why content personalization and content recommendations are important and demo the contributed modules that will let you create experiences like this.

In this webinar, we will look at:

  • What user data is available in Drupal
  • User tracking of anonymous and logged in users
  • Advanced user scoring of events in Drupal
  • User segmentation based on website behavior
  • Content personalization based on user segment
  • Content recommendations based on behaviors