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Learn more about Acquia's products through a free online webinar live including Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation.

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11:00 AM EST


The future of digital marketing is context-driven. Uniquely crafted digital experience is no longer just the dream of marketing and commerce executives; it is a reality that customers expect.

We recently launched ContextDB - a personalisation solution designed for marketers that allows companies to reach unprecedented levels of conversion and engagement for their sites.

Join us for a partner-exclusive webinar to learn everything...

David Mennie, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Acquia; Joel Gershon, Sr. Director, Strategic Partners, Acquia; Dave Ingram, Solutions Architect, Acquia

11:00 AM EST


Smart enterprises and brands recognise that a web content management system (CMS) is a critical foundation for building and running great multi-channel digital experiences - it’s a key part of a digital transformation strategy. But with fierce market competition and technology evolving at the speed of light, even the most savvy organisations find it hard to keep up and drive digital success at a global level.

If you’re using a legacy...

David Aponovich, Sr. Director, Digital Experience, Acquia; Felipe Brito, Business Director, CI&T; Felipe Rubim, Head of Operations & Technology, CI&T

01:00 PM EST


In this two part series, we'll give you a quick introduction to the Drupal 8 out-of-the-box site building experience. This course is for people who are completely new to Drupal. You might be a developer or a decision maker, but you need to know what makes Drupal tick, and fast.

In part 2, you’ll get an overview of site building, extending Drupal, and contributing to the Drupal and the community. This course includes:


Heather James, Manager of Learning Services, Acquia

01:00 PM EST


Connecting and engaging with your customers is more important than ever before, and greeting them with a uniquely crafted experience is no longer just the dream of marketing and commerce executives. It’s a reality, and it’s a customer expectation.

In order to keep customers engaged, brands understand that they need to deliver experiences that are specifically tailored to individual interests and preferences, and that are driven by...

David Mennie, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Acquia; David Aponovich, Sr. Director, Digital Experience, Acquia; Dave Ingram, Solutions Architect, Acquia

01:00 PM EST


Have you ever found yourself wishing you could quickly diagnose site issues and resolve them before they become bigger problems?

This webinar is all about helping you do just that. You will hear from Aaron Pacheco, a member of Acquia’s rockstar support team, on troubleshooting, site transparency, and Drupal best practices. You’ll also get an overview of the common issues our support team sees on a daily basis and how to resolve them...

Aaron “Checo” Pacheco, Product Supportability Manager, Support Engineering Team, Acquia

01:00 PM EST


The Weather Channel (TWC) has one of the most highly visited web sites in the world (www.weather.com). And, it’s certainly among the largest Drupal sites.

But in terms of web experience for its visitors, the forecast was not all clear skies. With over 2 million locations, each with unique forecasts, page load times were less than ideal and were lacking the features their visitors desired. TWC also realised that there were too many...

Jason Smith, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Mediacurrent