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American Society of Clinical Oncology
Sites multiples. Problèmes multiples. Une opportunité unique. White Paper PDF
Drupal: Powering Transformational Digital Marketing on the Open Web White Paper PDF
Drupal: Powering Transformational Digital Marketing on the Open Web White Paper PDF
White paper: Buyers Guide, Building an Enterprise-Class Web Site with Drupal White Paper PDF
Forrester Research, Inc.: Digital Brand Building: Advance From Chasing Efficiencies To Creating Experiences White Paper PDF
Gartner: 2015 wurde Acquia für sein Web Content Management in Gartners Magic Quadrant als Leader eingestuft* White Paper
Acquia Cloud White Paper PDF
White paper: Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia White Paper PDF
Gartner: Acquia Named a Leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management* White Paper
Forrester Research: Should Your Web Content Management System Run In The Cloud? White Paper PDF
The Next Wave of Digital Government White Paper PDF
Envisioning a Large-Scale Drupal Engagement with Acquia Professional Services White Paper PDF
Is It Time To Consider Open Source WCM For Digital Experience? White Paper PDF
White paper: Optimizing Drupal Performance - Benchmark Results White Paper PDF
Acquia Lift: Personalisation in Drupal White Paper PDF
White paper: Resource Guide: Developing for Mobile on Drupal White Paper PDF
Best Practices For Load Testing White Paper PDF
When Higher Education Goes Digital White Paper PDF
Digital Government 2014: The Two-Year Progress Report White Paper PDF
Building the Business Case for the Next-Generation CMS White Paper PDF
Acquia Cloud Edge CDN White Paper PDF
Drupal Multi-site White Paper PDF
When Media and Entertainment Firms Go Digital White Paper PDF
How to Manage Multiple Websites White Paper