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How to Create Single-Page Apps With Drupal [May 28, 2013]

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The days of the static web page are over. Using Drupal, a web page can behave more like a desktop application. In this webinar, we'll walk through the technical details of using Drupal to dynamically provide content to a single-page application.

VML has been using Drupal in this capacity for years, first to serve content to Flash applications, then as a backend services platform for other applications, including JavaScript-based applications. We’ll take a look at using Drupal with a JavaScript application in this webinar.

We'll cover:
• Setting up Drupal web services
• Making authenticated requests from the front-end application
• Hosting the front-end application
• Integrating standard Drupal URLs
• Integrating Drupal administration overlay

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dinsdag, 28 mei 2013