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5 Common Mistakes You are Making on your Website [March 22, 2013]

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Hernani's profession involves looking at complex websites and evaluating them based on several aspects. Clients hire Acquia Professional Services to look into vectors such as site architecture, best practices and general configuration and rely on their expertise to trace problems regarding performance, security and daily maintenance traumas.

Hernani has identified, through his experience, a range of best practices which, when not followed, are often the cause of common problems in the Drupal world. In this session Hernani will share a range of common examples of bad practice, which he has come across during site audits, and also highlight some tricky problems he has had to solve when facing unknowns and black holes. More importantly he will explain his method and advise on how to identify and solve common headaches associated with Drupal sites and ensure than they are never part of your website daily routine.

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Vrijdag, 22 maart 2013