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Refer a friend to Acquia for $2,500

Help Acquia hire more rock stars and get a bonus!

Would you like an extra $2,500 in your pocket? Refer a friend to join our team and you could collect a bounty! Here are the details:

  1. Email your friend's resume to careers@acquia.com with "Friends of Acquia Referral" in the subject line. (Don't forget to include your own contact details as well.)
  2. You'll get the bounty after your friend has been working full time on Acquia's staff for 30 days.

More info:

  1. Our government will want its share of the bounty... if you receive the $2,500, you'll have to pay income tax at the appropriate rate on this amount.
  2. We know how smart your friends are — they may have already found their way into our system. Your friend needs to be a new contender, and not have found his/her way to us previously.
  3. We know you have an abundance of friends. Refer as many of them as possible. Someone else may have referred your buddy to us first, though; the friend with the earliest referral wins the bonus.
  4. The referral must be hired within 180 days of your first contact email.

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