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Partner Portal. The tools you need to build your business.

Welcome to the Acquia Partner Portal where we have assembled the tools and assets that will help you grow your business. Whether you are seeking to deepen your relationship with your existing customers or expand your new customer count, Acquia is committed to enabling and equipping you to succeed.

Q1 2014 Cup of Joe recorded webinar - Learn more about sales org changes, product updates, and ways to engage with Acquia in 2014

Partner On-boarding Webinar: Getting Started as an Acquia Partner, January 2014

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Introducing Acquia Value Added Reseller Program
Acquia Value Added Reseller Program Introductory Webinar
Acquia Value Added Reseller Program Training Webinar
To apply for this program, contact us.

Acquia Foundation Program

We now offer a Foundation Program which offers 3 training sessions and an assessment which are geared towards Sales people and a trial program for Technical people.

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Onderzoek toont urgentie voor koppeling digitale technologie en strategie om huidige markt te bedienen

AMSTERDAM, 9 december 2014 – In september en oktober 2014 heeft Acquia, de ‘digital business company’, een kwalitatief marktonderzoek uitgevoerd naar digitale transformatie in de Benelux. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd onder CIO's en CMO's bij de grotere profit en non-profit organisaties. Belangrijkste doelstelling van dit onderzoek was het maken van een analyse van de huidige staat van digitalisering in de Benelux, zowel op het gebied van operationele... Meer

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Posted by Reena Leone

We’ve walked you through the basics of A/B testing and stressed its importance when it comes to maximizing conversion on your website. While A/B testing usually focuses on testing two or more variations of a single element against a Control, you can test more than two elements of a website at the same time to find the right combination to hit your goals; whether that’s engagement, revenue, etc. This is called multivariate testing.

What is multivariate testing?

In the simplest terms... Meer