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Getting Content Right

Optimizing the Online Customer Experience Begins and Ends with Relevant Content
Companies of all sizes have come to realize that content marketing via the web is critical to their success. The real challenge now is not only figuring out how to manage all the content required, but also dynamically getting the right content in front of the right customers at the right time. To accomplish this goal, companies need a platform for managing content that allows them to dynamically manage content in the most automated way possible.

A Constantly Changing World. The biggest issue that most companies have today when it comes to content marketing is aligning content to specific conversations and trends that change daily, if hourly, on the web. The problem is that most existing approaches to managing content were designed to support a static web environment. Today the web is a dynamic place where issues and opportunities come and go in a matter of hours. By the time most companies are prepared to participate in a conversation on the web, the conversation is either over or, worse yet, has already spiraled out of control.