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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Moshe Weitzman
Speed up Drush's example bashrc.

I removed some slow and limited value code from some example code that Drush ships with. Many folks include this code in their shell and we were slowing down their environment a little (mine included). Its gone now. See http://drupalcode.org/project/drush.git/commit/0037f8f

Peter Wolanin
First beta releases of Queue Runner module.

Rolled the first beta releases of a new module http://drupal.org/project/queue_runner which was started by Nick Veenhof and had recent features and Drupal 6 backport from Alan Evans, Richard Burford, and Kat Bailey

Cameron Tod
Upgrade a contributed module to Drupal 8 as part of the Global Drupal Sprint.

Over the weekend of 9th-10th March, 2013, a Drupal Global Sprint was held to inspire people to work on Drupal 8. I upgraded one of my contributed modules, Pathinfo, to Drupal 8, and wrote a tutorial on the process on Drupal.org: D7 to D8 tutorial: pathinfo module.

Jess (xjm)
Drupal 8 core sprint (Global Sprint Weekend).

We organized a Drupal 8 core sprint at the Burlington office as part of the Global Sprint Weekend. Participants from Acquia and the regional community worked to review and document Drupal 8 API changes, begin Drupal 8 module upgrades to test core APIs, and experiment with improvements to the user interface for the Blocks and Layouts Initiative.

Cameron Tod
I provided pre-compiled xhprof binaries for MAMP.

Compiling xhprof binaries for MAMP on OSX can be a pain. I provided pre-compiled binaries to make it easy for Drupal and PHP developers to profile their code.


Katherine Bailey
Worked on D8 patch to unify url() and the new router generator.

This patch involves removing hook_url_outbound_alter() and replacing it with a series of outbound path processors. It is the final step towards the goal of unifying the url generator from the routing system with the url() function for generating urls from paths. As the latter is one of the most widely used functions in Drupal, changing how it works is not without many consequences. The work today focused on fixing outstanding test failures - the number of failures is now at 5.

Peter Wolanin
Helped Fix Drupal 7 Image Module Vulnerability .

I helped patch and test Drupal 7 core to fix a vulnerability in the Image module described in SA-CORE-2013-002. In addition, I prepared the first backport patch to the Drupal 6 imagecache module.

Peter Wolanin
DrupalCamp NJ 2013 Success.

I was one of the lead organizers for DrupalCamp NJ, as well as a speaker. This was the 2nd annual camp in Princeton. We had approximately 90% of the 246 registered attendees show up, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Sessions, slides, and audio or screen captures are posted at http://www.drupalcampnj.org/sessions

Kieran Lal
Working on coordinating the Drupal security team.

Worked on reviewing the security team processes and progress. Assigned several issues and tried to keep Drupal secure.