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Getting Things Rolling

As Dries said over on his blog, we’re really starting to ramp things up at Acquia. Everyone except Gabor was in town last week to do some planning and we made some great progress.

Here’s a photo of everyone around the conference table.
Acquia end of day bull session

We had just wrapped up a full day in fact-finding discussions with Drupal companies and were synthesizing what we heard. It was very useful, and a good validation of where we’re headed. But a lot of hard work remains to get things in shape.

We’re simultaneously shopping for office space, refining our corporate identity, working on our company web site, defining our product roadmap, hiring the team, tuning budgets, and working to put on a major conference. We’re all wearing many hats each day and putting in long hours. But it’s invigorating and fun.

Drupalcon planning is coming together nicely. We’ve had a few of the inevitable bumps in the road, but people in the community are really stepping up. The logo contest has had quite a few submissions already and they are looking fun. Sponsorship commitments are rolling in and the speaking program is coming together. Registration is now open, so get over to the conference web site and sign up today.