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Drupal.org Re-design sprint San Francisco: Day 2

The redesign sprinters met early to discuss what the priorities, and blockers were for launching the re-designed drupal.org. The critical path is documented in the redesign theme implementers group. The base theme, blue cheese, for the redesign is progressing along nicely. The themers are focusing on getting the content for landing pages and theming those top level landing pages. The most important features for the new site launch are the dashboard and project blocks, such as the issue cockpit. The sprinters agreed to try and implement the dashboard and a long list of dependencies including single sign-on for the new launch. They are confident they can get it working by the end of this weekend. In the event that the dashboard is not working, and the themers have completed theming the content we will need to revisit the decision to include the dashboard in the first phase of Drupal.org re-design launch.

Todd started with a prioritization meeting to determine what features need to be implemented and themed for a launch in a reasonable time frame. Todd followed up on feedback from Mark Boulton regarding style and prototype questions. He also continued his work cleaning up the issue queue for the readmore module. Todd worked on the block class module which will also be used on drupal.org. Finally, Todd worked on some foundational CSS work focused on typography which was considered a priority.

Colin Sagan reviewed the content that needs to be created for each of the landing pages. Recording what content needs to be changed when the new theme goes live. Colin also discussed setting up a version of the new theme that all the themers can merge their work into so that everyone can see what they've done this week.

Erik Hopp focused on typography styles, and working the theme issue queues. He also tried to fix a problem with javascript tabs and links which left link outlines. He found a solution but it causes an accessibility issue.

Courtney met with the team and prioritized creating and theming content for the landing pages. She fixed a problem with content menu items that were not set active correctly. Courtney also worked on a problem with how page titles were being rendered. She fixed a theme issue for book module navigation. The problem was that dynamically generated handbook pages should not show last modified date since there isn't one.

Matt Cheney continued his work on Solr search and mailing list integration.

Josh also participated in the prioritization meeting and identified what the minimum feature requirements to get the Dashboard implemented for the re-design launch. He also continued implementing the dashboard module integration for groups.drupal.org. He will create a g.d.o widget of "my unread posts" for the dashboard as his first test case. He also worked on infrastructure for common site authentication. Josh worked on content organization since the content in the prototypes is currently spread across multiple sites such as d.o and g.d.o. He also worked on the how they will push an atom like feed to the dashboard.

David spent most of his day in design meetings determining how to get the dashboard and widget framework built. He focused on identifying the blockers in the dashboard and dividing the implementation between Josh, Neil, and David. David also spent some time reviewing the user experience of individual gadgets.

Derek started his day with the discussion about the re-design launch preparation. He worked with Mark Burdet on the issue cockpit. Derek also worked with Earl Miles on a fix to get a specific view working on drupal.org. Derek reviewed the user experience of some of the project related widgets for the dashboard. He wrote some questions for Mark Boulton about the project module so he could understand how it would be implemented according to the prototype.

Neil reviewed the responses to questions he got from Mark Boulton. He helped to create the critical path redesign launch document. Neil spent the morning in design discussions with Earl Miles about abstracting a Content API from panels 3 to chaos tools so it can be re-used by the Dashboard module. Neil also created a list of widgets that need to be built for the dashboard and discussed those implementations with David.

Earl Miles joined us for one day. He spent his time focused on design discussion on how a new Content API for Panel 3 could be re-used by the DashBoard module.