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Drupal Training from Acquia

Acquia has long planned on offering Drupal learning services. While it has taken longer than we had hoped to mold our ideas, I’m very excited to share our plans just prior to the largest Drupalcon in history! The accelerating growth of Drupal has fueled a huge demand for knowledgeable designers and developers. The inability to educate new resources could soon hamper the pace of Drupal’s growth.

We threw around a few different models for curriculum development and training delivery, but always seemed to come back to the same place: Leverage our partner channel to deliver classes globally, while developing and maintaining curricula ourselves. Following this model will allow the Drupal training community to expand rapidly, yet ensure that enterprises will receive consistency in content and delivery no matter where in the world the training was provided.

Essentially, Acquia will offer up to date curricula on a wide variety of Drupal topics. Training partners will be accredited through a train the trainer program. Acquia will market and sell training to end users globally, which will be delivered by our training partners. If your organization is interested in becoming a training partner, please submit a partner request here.

Acquia is very excited to welcome Heather James as our manager of learning services. Heather’s been working with us part time putting together our soon to be released Drupal knowledge base. She’s also helped extensively with launching our Drupal Gardens support forum. Heather will be responsible for all facets of our learning offerings. Heather has an extensive background in education, most recently as a lecturer at the Institute of Technology Sligo in Ireland. Heather received a MSc IT in Education from Trinity College, Dublin. Heather shares her thoughts about her new role here.

We’re also pleased to announce that Chapter Three, one of the co-organizers of Drupalcon San Francisco and an existing partner of Acquia’s, has become our first training partner. Chapter Three has been providing training in conjunction with Jacob Redding. We’re jump starting our program by utilizing the curriculum that they have been using, and will continue to update, improve, and expand on it under Heather’s guidance going forward. We expect that Jacob, Chapter Three and our other training partners will be active in the enhancement of the curricula.

Universities, colleges and other educational institutions interested in using the Drupal training curricula from Acquia should contact us. We haven’t given a lot of thought yet to a program for higher education, but we’re keen to have an offering.

More information on our offerings can be found at http://acquia.com/training.

Other thoughts? Let us know.