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Drupal Security Presentation at Drupalcon

Drupalcon has started! I had the pleasure this morning of giving one of the sessions in the first time slot at Drupalcon Copenhagen.

It was treat to present "Drupal Security for Coders and Themers" with Jakub Suchy from Dynamite Heads and one of my colleagues on the Drupal Security Team. One of the goals of the security team is to help educate the Drupal community about secure coding, secure configuration, and best practices for running a Drupal site.

Attached here is a PDF of the slides from our presentation, and the links from the presentation are:

If you are at Drupalcon and are administering or deploying a site consider going to this afternoon's talk "Drupal Security - Configuration and Process" by Ben Jeavons and Gábor Hojtsy, also security team members and experts on Drupal security.