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Gen Y's & the lessons of a pet supply store are the future of Acquia

"At my family's store growing up, if a customer came in 1 minute before closing, you didn't tell them to leave! You didn't bother them at all. You let them shop. You let them shop for as long as they needed, even if they didn't buy anything. And you closed the store once they were done shopping!" I'm incredibly fortunate to run our sales development team at Acquia. In a nut shell, our job is to build sales pipeline to help our company continue its growth. The team is made... Meer

Get Ready for DrupalCon Munich Training!

I hope you've heard by now, but this year's DrupalCon is in Munich. It's going to be fantastic. How do we know? Well, because the week starts with Training, and any week that starts with Training has to be awesome. Acquia is involved in three separate training courses at Munich. We're running our ever popular Security course, and also teaching both the ... Meer

Student Training - Burlington, MA

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often am using this as a soapbox from which to announce Free Student Training. And so - I return again today to do more of the same. But I'll start with a little philosophy and context here before I get to the meat of newest set of offerings. Acquia's training efforts are focused on growing the Drupal community by ensuring more and more people know how to use Drupal to build the most exciting and compelling web experiences possible. We know that by exposing people to the power of Drupal, and getting them up to speed as easily and... Meer

Free Student Drupal Training in Western MA

Drupal adoption is ever on the rise. As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader of this space - we here at Acquia like to promote the adoption and learning of Drupal - especially among students. Sometimes we offer training directly for students, sometimes we help our partners promote their training specials for students, and sometimes we hire recent students to work with us. I'm please to announce more of the first of these options -... Meer

NYC Student Discounts on Drupal Training

A friend just sent me a link to a job description. Given that I work at Acquia, and run training, this should not be remarkable. Most of my friends outside of Acquia & Drupal imagine that I must have a line to pools of Drupal developers, designers, and other folks just waiting for work. [Insert knowing laughter from Drupalists the world over here.] The fact of the matter is that we need more Drupal people to fill all the available job postings. This is a large part of my mandate here - get enough people trained so that all our customers and partners can complete the Drupal projects they... Meer

Drupal on the Front lines: Being a Consultant at Acquia

I have now been a Technical Consultant at Acquia for two years. In those two years I have seen Acquia quadruple in size and the size and importance of our clients grow from primarily mid-sized universities and smaller government agencies to multiple Fortune 100 clients, cabinet-level government offices, and giant media companies. When meeting with others in the community, few people have any idea what it is that Acquia's consultants do (or that we even exist). I'd like to attempt to explain what we do and why I love my job! Let's start by summarizing my job with numbers - Over 4 dozen clients... Meer

2012 Drupal Day #1

Drupal Day #1: Friday, February 24, 2012 As you may have seen, the Drupal Association is going to be promoting global synchronized Drupal training ("Create Blocks . . . NOW!") throughout 2012. We were very excited to hear this. In 2011, we trained almost 1,000 people in the basics of Drupal through our HelloDrupal program in 12 countries and 19 cities. So we can only imagine how many people we can train in combination with the entire Drupal community! So excited in fact, that we got ahead... Meer

The making of a Ubie - Inside Acquia training

As you may know, Acquia has been growing quite fast. Since I joined the company in the fall of 2008, we have gone from about 25 employees to around 200 today. It has been a fantastic ride for everyone, and we see no signs of slowing. The tough part of growth for us has been keeping up with the demand for talented Drupalists. From what I understand, Acquia isn't unique in this requirement. To fix this problem, the only option is to train. We do this in several ways: Develop Drupal curriculum which is delivered by our... Meer