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Posted on donderdag, 26 juni 2014, 09:29
I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of my time over the last year thinking and talking about Personalization in Drupal (just ask my wife), and I’ve had the privilege of working with a brilliant group of people to help design and build a solution Meer...
Posted on dinsdag, 1 oktober 2013, 08:00
If you didn't catch the news last week, Google announced that they made the single largest change to their search algorithm since 2009. They also didn't bother telling anyone for the first month, so if you're a Google user, you've been using Meer...
Posted on Vrijdag, 26 juli 2013, 18:20
When it comes to building Drupal sites with a team of developers, there's perhaps nothing more important than establishing a productive workflow. Conferences are buzzing with talk of Continuous Integration, DevOps, Deployments and everything of the Meer...