Ben Jeavons

Sr. Software Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Sr. Software Engineer, Acquia Network

Ben has been working with web technologies since 2001 and holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. A strong contributor to the Drupal project, Ben maintains a couple dozen modules, including the security configuration audit tool, Security Review. He is a member of the Drupal Security Team and co-authored the Drupal Security Report, an analysis of Drupal's security posture. Ben co-developed the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) with previous colleagues at Growing Venture Solutions where he also led the hands-on security audit service known as Drupal Scout.

Ben speaks regularly at DrupalCons and Drupalcamps and helped to organize the last several Drupalcamps in Colorado. He was the local team lead for DrupalCon Denver in March of 2012.

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