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I'm thrilled to announce that all HTML tables in Drupal 8 will be responsive. This is a huge win for the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative.. This is especially important in Drupal's admin section, which traditionally featured wide tables listing recently created content, comments, users, terms, etc. I believe we struck a great balance by hiding unimportant columns by default at narrow widths, and letting user expose those columns on demand.

“My team is passionate about doing what’s best for the consumer, and the web is becoming more and more the center of patient interactions. We recognized the challenge of making site content relevant to all our visitors no matter where in the network they might be. We’ve embraced Web Experience Management (WEM) principles out of necessity to ensure the best user experience for our patients.”

“The Drupal framework is very flexible and allows us to easily implement our WEM strategies.”
– David Oakley, Director of Web Engagement & Development at Florida Hospital

Delivering the Right Mobile Experience with Drupal

Leveraging Open Source for a Winning Enterprise Mobile Strategy

You know mobile technology can increase employee productivity, provide access to critical information and improve customer service. And while many IT organizations are leveraging the abundance of freely available open source code to address development challenges, few understand how to tap the open source world to deliver the most impactful mobile strategy for their enterprise.

In this webinar, you will learn how to accelerate your mobile initiatives by:

In his morning keynote, open source CMS Drupal creator Dries Buytaert offered a vision of what to expect at this week's DrupalCon, and explained the expectations for Drupal 8.

Ever since mobile devices have become more and more prevalent, the ability to display Drupal sites correctly on mobile devices has gained in importance. John Albin is recognized as a guru when it comes to designing and theming Drupal sites, and is the owner for the Mobile initiative for Drupal 8. Join me as I talk with John about the history of websites on mobile devices, the different methods for displaying sites on mobile devices, and plans for the Mobile initiative in Drupal 8. Show notes:

    In this white paper you will learn how Drupal is used to develop mobile applications for the enterprise. Between mobile web apps and native mobile apps, Drupal is already a capable platform for assembling mobile experiences.

    Acquia is going mobile in 2012. Therefore we’re using a “mobile first” mantra when approaching our designs. What is “mobile first design”? It is a philosophy of design that centers on the theory that trying to squeeze a desktop experience into a smaller screen size is counterproductive to providing a good mobile experience. Instead, you design an optimal mobile experience before you consider the desktop. In this scenario, the desktop experience that is built on top of a mobile first design can be enhanced to use additional screen space and features as they become available.

    This resource guide directs you toward best practices for ensuring that your Drupal content looks just as good no matter where it ends up.Since there are two distinct areas of mobile development, each substantially different on the back-end, this guide distinguishes between mobile web sites and native apps.