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Drupal for Mobile

A great mobile experience turns visitors from mobile devices into happy, passionate customers.

To help you get both, we can work with you to:

Set mobile

Set mobile goals

Leverage our experience to confirm that you've identified your mobile needs

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Select a mobile approach
Select mobile approach

Mobile web, web app, or native app? We'll help you pick right solution style for your visitors

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Optimize mobile experience
Optimize mobile experience

Use our professional services team and Acquia Network tools to create a great mobile solution

Jump start your mobile plans

What does mobile mean to your enterprise? Do you need a mobile version of your website, or a mobile app? What are the current trends, tools, and industry best practices?

Our Acquia’s Mobile Architecture Workshop offering can help you answer these questions to define your mobile strategy.

Mobile spotlight: Showcase Cinemas

drupal for mobile

See how Showcase optimizes for mobile, tablet and desktop moviegoers More...

Responsive design

The emerging state-of-the-art for websites is not to have separate desktop and mobile sites. Instead, build one site that lays out content appropriately for the size of the visitor's browser. This is called Responsive Design.

Start your project using this approach, and avoid the extensive work to adapt your site to it later. Learn more....

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