SAP User Group - Migration des Enterprise Social Intranets von Typo3 auf Drupal 7


Social-Intranet-Lösungen sind für Unternehmen mittlerweile zu einem “MUST” geworden - der potenzierte Wissensaustausch hilft nicht nur Usern, sondern treibt auch Innovationen und Veränderungen voran.

Nutzen Sie die unbegrenzte Flexibilität von Drupal für die schnelle Entwicklung, Adaptierung und Bereitstellung interner sowie externer Communities als auch Enterprise Intranet Lösungen. Wie?

All New Drupal 8 Foundations Certification: How to Prepare & Pass


With all of the new changes and improvements in Drupal 8, it is important to ensure that you are fully trained and certified on the key changes. This is where Acquia’s Drupal 8 Foundations Certification Exam comes in: a course for all Drupal 7 users to validate their understanding of the changes in Drupal 8 and call themselves fully certified on D8.

Register for this webinar with Kristina Kelley and Prasad Shirgaonkar to learn the necessary steps to take before completing this certification, as well as what this certification entails.

How to Successfully Use Branching and Development Workflow Strategies


As your software project expands, you might be worried about how to deal with multiple project contributors working on many stories all while still being able to deploy code with confidence. Lucky for you, git and the branch-per-feature strategy make it easy to do this. In this webinar, Nik Gregory, Principal Engineer at Acquia, will cover how software development teams can use branch-per-feature to build release candidates that can be easily pushed into production or rebuilt as necessary, all while keeping your deployed code clean.

BigPipe: The Architecture Behind the Fastest Version of Drupal Yet


Did you know that the majority of the time spent generating a HTML page is spent on a few personalized parts? Pages are only sent to the client after everything is rendered. Well, what if Drupal could start sending a page before it’s fully finished? What if Drupal could let the browser start downloading CSS, JS, and images, and even make the majority of the page available for interaction while Drupal generates the personalized parts? Good news - it can.

The Workflow Methodology to Train Your Team on Drupal 8


With all of the new updates in Drupal 8, it’s important to ensure that you and your team are fully trained on the improvements and changes. This webinar will do just that and will help you get up to speed on Drupal 8. Whether you need to train yourself, or a whole team, you’ll leave this webinar with useful resources and advice.

Join OSTraining, an Acquia training partner, to hear about the process for getting your team ready to build on Drupal 8. Topics covered will include:

Make Your Website Easily Accessible with Drupal 8


Accessibility in Drupal 8 has come a long way since Drupal 7. Drupal 8 has added extensive support for accessibility in Core. From small changes like font size and color contrast, to large changes like WAI-ARIA in core, Drupal 8 will make it easier to build an accessible site. For anyone trying to make a barrier-free website, it’s important to understand the new features and how each can be used.

In this webinar, Mike Gifford, Drupal 8’s Core Accessibility Maintainer, will cover the variety of accessibility features that Drupal 8 offers, including:

Toutes vos questions sur Drupal 8 avec Dries Buytaert et son équipe


Drupal 8 est disponible et c’est une excellente nouvelle! Drupal 8 offre plus de 200 nouvelles fonctionnalités et améliorations, qui vont de la simplicité d’utilisation aux nouvelles possibilités de création et de personnalisation de contenus.

Best Practices for Drupal Performance Tuning


Did you know that 40% of website visitors get frustrated if they have to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load? Well, what if your Drupal websites could run even faster? Managing performance is not just about optimizing a website once -- it is a process that needs to be included in your day-to-day development workflow.

Profiling is perhaps the best way to understand the runtime behavior of your PHP code. In this webinar, Fabien Potencier will show you how to use Blackfire.io to easily profile Drupal websites and diagnose production performance problems.

The Rise of the New Content Strategist


Join us on Tuesday, December 15 at 1PM ET for a webinar hosted by Digiday.

Everyone is now a publisher. From traditional entertainment companies to CPG and retail brands - content is driving conversion across all verticals.

But content strategy today is more than just words and pretty pictures. Today's content strategist must understand that each member of their audience is different and creates a need for targeted content that speaks specifically to them.