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Stacking up Drupal

Why the Acquia Drupal Stack is now the Drupal development stack of choice. Drupal On-ramp - Personal experiences at Drupal events in recent months and reports from friends and colleagues indicate that the Acquia Drupal Stack Installer is really changing the installation experience for new users. This incredibly fast, painless on-ramp experience - it lets you get right into "Drupalling" without fighting with ports, permissions, or database connections - is winning over new users at Drupal Camps around the world.

Acquia Drupal Review - 1.2.7 (Drupal 6.10 core)

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Dimanche, le 21 decembre 2014h
CMS Critic

With all of the buzz encircling Acquia lately, we thought it prudent to share a review with our readers since we’ve never truly delved in to see what Acquia’s rendition of Drupal is made of.

For those of you unfamiliar with Acquia, we recommend you watch the following video that we shared previously that is an introduction to the product: Acquia Introduction

To get started, we decided to test the Acquia Drupal Installer stack which is available from the Acquia website and is a packaged of Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyadmin and the Acquia Drupal version. The stack installer installs them all and allows you to quickly get to the nitty gritty and start playing.

What do you want from the next Acquia Drupal Stack Installer?

We released the Acquia Drupal Stack Installer earlier this month and have had an overwhelmingly positive response. Thousands people have downloaded it to set up a Drupal site in a few clicks.

We're planning to release the Installer for more platforms and also add new functionality.

Please take this poll and tell us what you want to see next!