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Discussion Point: Marketing Automation - Feature vs Platform [April 17, 2013]

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mercredi, le 17 avril 2013h
CMS Wire

Here's how I think about a platform — you work in a platform. A platform is designed for a specific business function like marketing, sales, HR, finance, etc. Platforms connect to other platforms, so integration is key.

The important part of the definition is that a platform is something you use every day, and plays a critical part in the success of your role. For example, the Acquia marketing team lives inside of Marketo, setting up programs, writing emails, scoring leads and analyzing results. Marketo is the first application we open in the morning and the last we close at the end of the day. It plays a pivotal role in making sure we're passing the best leads to sales at the right time, while nurturing our earlier stage prospects.

Fear of vendor lock-in is legitimate cloud concern - don't be bullied [Oct 14, 2011]

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vendredi, le 14 octobre 2011h
Tech Target

Tech Target features Chris Brookins, Acquia VP of Engineering and Product Management, in a discussion about cloud computing, open SaaS and PaaS, and vendor lock-in following the Mass Technology Leadership Council's Cloud Computing Summit.

Web 2.0 Provides Unique Opportunity for Specialized PaaS [Oct 1, 2011]

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Samedi, le 1 octobre 2011h

Bryan House, VP Marketing at Acquia, discusses application-optimized, cloud-based solutions for enterprise customers looking for high performance, highly available infrastructures.

White paper: Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia


In this paper we describe how the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, together with Acquia, gives you the tools you need to regain control of your web content infrastructure and web applications -- and deliver the service you require.

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Dispatches from Structure cloud conference [6/24/11]

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vendredi, le 24 juin 2011h

Anyone who thinks cloud isn't displacing jobs should talk with Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, a Drupal-based PaaS. During a panel on the future of cloud, he said one of the largest media and entertainment companies has moved a bunch of sites to the Acquia service and let go the "entire IT team" that was running those sites. Word to the wise: If your job title is "Web master" at Acme Corp., watch out.