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Open Source’s Mainstream Invasion

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mercredi, le 11 mai 2011h

User confidence in open source continues to grow considerably, according to the fifth annual Future of Open Source survey from North Bridge Venture Partners, conducted with The 451 Group.

The most-cited open source vendors were Red Hat, Acquia, Canonical and EnterpriseDB.

Acquia Speaks on the Future of Open Source in the Cloud at 2011 Open Source Business Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Open Source Business Conference - Acquia, the world's leading provider of commercial open source social publishing solutions for Drupal, today announced that CEO Tom Erickson will speak at the Open Source Business Conference 2011 (OSBC) as part of the panel about the Future of Open Source in the Cloud.


Proprietary software vendors take aim at Open Source

Every few months it seems, a proprietary vendor from the closed source world decides that they can take on open source software. Maybe they think it's an easy target; maybe they're worried about losing more and more deals to free software; maybe they're threatened by the fact that communities of thousands can write great code and build great products. Or maybe they are just plain scared.

Drupal Gardens Surpasses 40,000 Sites

Drupal Gardens passed a significant milestone yesterday, 40,000 sites created! This is an especially exciting moment for me as Acquia gets ready to exit the Drupal Gardens beta program tomorrow. Reaching 40,000 blew away my expectations for the number of beta sites, a testament to the market’s excitement of having the most powerful social publishing system available in a SaaS environment.

Open Source Drupal In Gov: Dries and Tim Bertrand of Acquia

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Samedi, le 19 avril 2014h
Gov't 2.0 Radio

Open Source Websites in Government: Dries Buytaert and Tim Bertrand of Acquia join Gov 2.0 Radio’s Adriel Hampton and Steve Ressler for a discussion of open source software and open government. Dries, who created the popular content management system Drupal 10 years ago as a student, calls on the government community to give back to the open source community while expanding usefulness of the technology.

Assembling Extraordinary External Community Sites

I was recently asked to speak to a group of CTOs in Europe and the USA about social business tools. Designed as an information session, the organizers asked Acquia to present how an open source platform like Drupal could be used to build effective community sites as well as delivering other types of web applications, from e-commerce sites to marketing microsites. The other company asked to present focuses exclusively on a social business solution, requiring the use of other products for different applications.

Commercialization of volunteer-driven open source projects

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Samedi, le 19 avril 2014h

In the open source software community, there's considerable nervousness about paying people to work on volunteer-driven projects. For example, Joomla recently hired some developers to work on its core software, a decision that has caused much debate in the Joomla community.

Impossible to Catch

Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, commented in an interview with France's leading newspaper Le Monde, that "it will be practically impossible to create today a proprietary alternative to Drupal". The remarks were in the context of the evolution of open source in the market.

Join the Social Business Revolution

The social web is dramatically changing the way we work and play. Organizations are gaining substantial productivity improvements from what the inventor of the term web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly, describes as “harnessing the collective intelligence.”