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Meet Michael Cooper: Insight, improving Drupal performance and security

Michael Cooper, Engineering Director for the Acquia Network ("If it's broken, it's probably my fault."), brought a vision with him when he came to Acquia: a tool to manage, optimize, and secure large numbers of Drupal websites easily. This has turned into one of the Acquia Network's crown jewels, Insight, which monitors hundreds of metrics on live Drupal sites and offers not only alerts for more than 170 kinds of potential problems, it also proactively suggests ways you can improve your site' performance, SEO optimization, and more.


Make Your Drupal Site Page Load Times Faster

How To Make Your Drupal Site Page Load Times Faster with Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer
Everyone knows slow websites are bad for business and your website users. However, solving the problem can be challenging, slow to implement, and often requires starting from scratch. This webinar will highlight how Yottaa helps give content system owners and marketers the visibility and power to improve their website's speed.


Acquia Insight Sneak Peek: Analyze, Manage, and Tune Your Drupal Site like Never Before

Acquia Insight - the latest addition to the Acquia Network - is a Drupal site owner's most trusted site management resource. With real time analysis of more than 150 configuration, performance and security settings, Insight provides at-a-glance dashboards and self-service tools to help you improve performance, speed deployment and eliminate mistakes.


Acquia unveils 'Apps Market' for Drupal [8/24/11]

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mercredi, le 24 août 2011h
Computer World

Drupal services and hosting behemoth Acquia has used DrupalCon London to announce the 'Acquia Apps Market' for customers of its Acquia Network service.

Acquia Expands Acquia Network With New Cloud Apps [Aug 23, 2011]

LONDON - DrupalCon London 2011 - August 23, 2011 - Acquia, the enterprise guide for Drupal, today announced several significant enhancements to the Acquia Network, which provides developers and site builders an unparalleled collection of answers, tools, and support for assembling extraordinary web experiences with Drupal.