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Acquia Team Drupalcon San Francisco Sessions - Vote Now

Acquia is excited to once again be a Platinum Sponsor of Drupalcon San Francisco. Its amazing to think the conference is right around the corner. It seems like just yesterday we just finished the Drupal Gardens preview session in Paris. At the same time, so much has happened between then and now.

Drupalcon Paris

DrupalCon is the conference for Drupal users, developers, designers and decision makers. Acquia is a Platinum Drupalcon sponsor.

Drupalcon is where some of the best developers and leading business owners cross paths, exchange ideas, find partners and conceive projects. It’s where community ties are strengthened and Drupal’s future is decided. It's where you want to be to make things happen.

Drupalcon Paris will feature 800+ attendees, 100+ sessions, 3 conference days, 2 code sprint days and 1 day of commercial training.

DrupalCon DC

Drupal has thousands of contributors. About twice a year, we stop contributing long enough to have a beer together. We call that DrupalCon. ;-)

Get a scholarship to DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC

I can hardly wait to go do DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC. If you’re as excited about DrupalCon as I am, but are having a hard time finding the money you’d need to attend, perhaps you should apply for one of the 20 scholarships that are being awarded. Anybody in financial need can apply:

Drupalcon DC

Acquia is proud to be a platinum sponsor for Drupalcon DC 2009. Drupalcon is the premier event on the Drupal calendar and we are excited to participate in what will be an outstanding event for the community in Washington DC.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Acquia Presentations at Drupalcon DC

Field API in Drupal 7, Barry Jaspan

Acquia Podcast 4: Drupalcon Szeged

Acquians Robert Douglass and Gabor Hojtsy talk to Kristof Van Tomme about the upcoming Drupalcon Szeged conference. In this episode, Kristof and Gabor discuss how the conference is coming together and what you can expect if you are planning to attend.

Acquia is sponsoring Drupalcon Szeged. How about you?

Acquia has signed up as a platinum sponsor for Drupal Szeged 2008 coming up August 27-30. We're sending a large contingent of Acquians as attendees, presenters, and general community participants. We'll be recruiting and enabling partners, looking for new employees, and sharing the latest Acquia news. We really look forward to seeing everyone there.

Drupalcon Szeged 2008

Drupalcon is the twice-yearly gathering of Drupalers to learn about, discuss and advance Drupal, and to network with other community members. Come to Szeged, Hungary for this event for August 27 to 30, 2008 and experience this thriving community in person yourself!

Acquia Presentations at Drupalcon Szeged

Acquia launch party at Felt

At DrupalCon Boston, Acquia sponsored a launch party at the Felt club in Boston. Jeff Robbins from Lullabot performed live with its former rock band Orbit, and Acquia's Jay Batson took the crowd deep into the night with progressive house and trance music. Great parteeh!

Acquia at Drupalcon

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I attended the Acquia panel at Drupalcon in Boston yesterday. I must admit that I thought this session was going to be packed with people interested in what Acquia is going to do and how it will relate to Drupal. Plus, Dries always draws a crowd. It turned out that the session on theming drew a much bigger crowd. In hindsight, I am not surprised. I was sitting in the Drupal IRC channel when the Acquia announcement first hit. There was a mention of the news but neither concern nor intrigue about this new addition to the Drupal family. People were more focused with the their immediate tasks working with Drupal. They trust Dries and the Drupal Association to do what is right for Drupal.