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Drupal Gardens 3 week update

It's been 3 weeks since we launched the Drupal Gardens private beta and the response has been incredible. Hundreds of Drupal 7 sites have been created and we are getting lots of great feedback on both Drupal 7 and new features testers would like to see in Gardens. A huge thank you to those of you who have provided feedback, keep up the great work!

Drupal Gardens, Microsites and Marketers: The Time is Finally Here!

A few weeks ago as most of you know we launched the first private beta version of Drupal Gardens, a project we’ve been working on for the last year and what we hope will be a huge step in taking Drupal to the masses.

Drupal Gardens launches in private beta

I have a pretty big update for you: we just launched Drupal Gardens into private beta. Since the first public Drupal Gardens demo at DrupalCon Paris, a lot of progress has been made. Today, we sent private beta invites to the first people that signed up to be beta testers, and if things go well, we'll send out a couple thousand more invitations over the next few weeks.

Announcing Drupal Gardens Preview Webinar

I am very excited to announce our first webinar for Drupal Gardens Beta. On Thursday, January 28th at 1 pm EST, Acquia will be demonstrating Drupal Gardens and walking through the major features of Gardens. Drupal Gardens is a hosted version of Drupal 7 designed for any organization wanting to build social sites easily and quickly, backed up by the power of Drupal. Building microsites for launching a new product, a campaign or event, or forming a community site has never been this easy in Drupal. Drupal Gardens highlights:

    Features used by 80% of social sites

    You might have seen our plans for Drupal Gardens which will be a way to build a Drupal site very quickly. While you'll be able to build any kind of site you need on Drupal Gardens, we're spending a lot of time to make sure that we make it easy for people to build very social sites to promote campaigns, events, products, and businesses. And by social, we mean a site that encourages people to participate and that leverages other social networks.

    We'll include a set of social features that most all sites need when we launch:

    • Blogs

    Video demo of new Drupal Gardens theme builder features

    Some of you may have seen the first Gardens video posted a couple of months ago that shows a pre-alpha version of Drupal Gardens. This new demo video shows you some of the new features we've added to give you more control over the design of your site theme. We want you to be able to design a site with a home page that looks different from interior pages. It's fine for a blog site to have the same layout on all pages, but other kinds of sites need a home page that looks different.

    What's new with Acquia?

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    lundi, le 22 decembre 2014h
    InfoWorld Open Sources

    I recently spoke with Drupal founder and Acquia CTO and cofounder Dries Buytaert. Dries gave me an update on Acquia's success to date and plans for the future. Many readers know Acquia as one of the key vendors behind the White House's recent move to open source.

    Acquia has achieved significant traction in its two years of existence. Dries points out that the company spent a year establishing a sustainable business model and strategy, as well as working within the Drupal community. According to Dries, Acquia only began revenue-generating efforts a year ago.

    Drupal Gardens open for usability testing

    As I'm writing this entry, my colleague Barry Jaspan is over my shoulder getting frustrated while attempting to adjust his desk at our new office space. He's using a cleverly designed screwdriver designed to bend at 90 degrees and manipulate screws in hard to reach areas. While the idea of an adjustable, bendable screwdriver sounds like a good idea, based on observing Barry and a few others, I'm certain the inventor failed to observe people trying to use it.

    Drupal Gardens preview screencast

    Last week at DrupalCon Paris, we demonstrated a pre-alpha version of Drupal Gardens, which will allow non-technical users to go from design to online with a powerful Drupal 7 social publishing website in a matter of hours instead of days. The Acquia engineering team has been hard at work implementing Gardens on top of Drupal 7 and we wanted to show a small taste of things to come.

    Drupal Gardens

    Acquia had two big product announcements at DrupalCon Paris. The first was the general availability of Acquia Hosting, which I'll blog about tomorrow. The second is a status update on "Acquia Gardens" which we first announced in the beginning of 2009.