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I want to build a one billion dollar company. [7/22/11]

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vendredi, le 22 juillet 2011h
De Tijd

Dries Buytaert, Acquia Founder/CTO and Drupal Creator/Project Lead, is interviewed in Belgium's De Tijd publication. To view the original article, please click here. To read the English translated version, please click here.

Dispatches from Structure cloud conference [6/24/11]

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vendredi, le 24 juin 2011h

Anyone who thinks cloud isn't displacing jobs should talk with Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, a Drupal-based PaaS. During a panel on the future of cloud, he said one of the largest media and entertainment companies has moved a bunch of sites to the Acquia service and let go the "entire IT team" that was running those sites. Word to the wise: If your job title is "Web master" at Acme Corp., watch out.

Top cloud candidates? Startups and non-critical apps [6/24/11]

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vendredi, le 24 juin 2011h
ZD Net

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that established companies aren’t moving their most important apps and data to the cloud — at least not yet — but, we got confirmation on that from some of the leading cloud vendors and some of the most progressive cloud adopters, who all gathered this week at the Structure Conference in San Francisco to talk about the state of the cloud.

5 Reasons Why Open Source Will Shake the CMS Establishment [6/2/11]

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jeudi, le 2 juin 2011h

Woburn, MA - June 2, 2011 - Early this past May, co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert of Acquia, a provider of commercial open source, social publishing solutions for Drupal, shared his insights for web-based business owners, developers and marketers on Drupal in the Enterprise at the 2011 CMS Expo Learning and Business Conference.

CMS stands for content management systems, which are platforms that we use everyday, either built in-house to manage company workflow or well-known platforms like WordPress, which are used by most online publishing sites (like this one). Intrigued by Buytaert’s thoughts on open source’s potential for disruption, I reached out for an interview to discuss 5 reasons why open source will shake the CMS establishment industry.

New Relic Disrupts Application Management With Free Real User Monitoring

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mardi, le 17 mai 2011h

Today, New Relic announced the release of real user monitoring as part of its core SaaS application performance management offering. Effective immediately, all New Relic users will have free access to the new capability. Now, with over 10,000 active accounts reporting over 6 billion performance metrics per day, New Relic is the single, all-in-one performance analytics product that allows businesses to manage and monitor web application performance from the browser to the line of code.

"Web app builders and owners care about their user's experience. The fact is, speed matters. Seeing exactly what real users are experiencing in a web app or web site provides tremendous value for both platform providers and their customers. New Relic lets any company gain critical visibility into web performance with immediate time to value." - Dries Buytaert, Co-creator Drupal, CTO Acquia

Lingotek Inside - Drupal Enables Community Participants to Translate Content Inside Drupal Applications

DRAPER, UT, May 4, 2011 - Lingotek, the leader in collaborative translation solutions, today announced a partnership with Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal. Working together, Lingotek and Acquia will offer Lingotek's Collaborative Translation Software to the Drupal community allowing Drupal community members to translate large amounts of content.

Acquia Speaks on Drupal in the Enterprise & Future of Content at 2011 CMS Expo

WOBURN, Mass, May 3, 2011 - Acquia, the world's leading provider of commercial open source social publishing solutions for Drupal, today announced that Dries Buytaert, Co-founder and CTO, and Bryan House, VP of Marketing, will be sharing their insights for web-based business owners, developers and marketers on Drupal in the Enterprise and the Future of Content during the 2011 CMS Expo Learning and Business Conference on May 2-4.

Gov embraces Drupal for web needs

More government departments and agencies - including - are using content management system Drupal to build a web presence that aligns with their mission goals.
When he took office, President Obama called for more openness and transparency in government; Drupal allows agencies to put information online and incorporate social functions like Twitter and Facebook integration, blogs and forums.


Open Source Drupal In Gov: Dries and Tim Bertrand of Acquia

Submitted on
Dimanche, le 21 decembre 2014h
Gov't 2.0 Radio

Open Source Websites in Government: Dries Buytaert and Tim Bertrand of Acquia join Gov 2.0 Radio’s Adriel Hampton and Steve Ressler for a discussion of open source software and open government. Dries, who created the popular content management system Drupal 10 years ago as a student, calls on the government community to give back to the open source community while expanding usefulness of the technology.