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Social Business Software VS. Online Community platform?

So what’s the difference between Social Business Software and an Online Community platform?
I just got asked this question recently at a conference and here’s what I said (rightly or wrongly) and of course open to debate…

"Online community is a place for online interaction between people. Social business software is the combination of an online community with other business processes to create business value."

The Social PHD [8/10/11]

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mercredi, le 10 août 2011h
Business Insider

Bryan House is featured in a powerful cast of experts that provide 9 sure fire ways to becoming a social business. [VIDEO]

An island or an archipelago?

Is your social business software a point solution or an enterprise solution? An island or an archipelago?

Island or archipelago?

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Touts Social, Product Announcements [6/22/11]

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mercredi, le 22 juin 2011h

Acquia, which was founded by Drupal's creator in 2007, announced Commons 2.0, the next version of its social business software. Commons, an open-source platform, combines social features such as activity streams, social networking, blogs, wikis, badges and events with analytics, support and management services.

Their newest release will give enterprises the freedom to create communities based on their social style and design. Acquia touts easy integration of its SaaS solution, promising deployment in weeks instead of months, and a lower cost than proprietary solutions, the company says.

New Product News – June 23, 2011 [6/23/11]

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jeudi, le 23 juin 2011h

Acquia introduced Commons 2.0, the next generation of its open social business software solution. The new version features enhanced flexibility to choose social interaction style for a community site, cloud installation and configuration within weeks, and enhanced control over designs, features and templates.

Acquia: "Social software is now a business imperative" [6/24/11]

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vendredi, le 24 juin 2011h

The "suits" behind Acquia, the company that provides "commercial services" for the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, has this week [announced] its Commons 2.0 social business software solution.

Every aspect of software application development appears to be getting "social media collaboration style" enhancements right now, so what's so special about this announcement?

Acquia Introduces Second Generation Commons SaaS for Drupal [6/22/11]

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mercredi, le 22 juin 2011h

Acquia has released the second generation of its Social-as-a-Service software solution with Commons 2.0. Acquia is a commercial open source “social platform”, supporting corporations using Drupal software to create community websites.

With Commons 2.0, businesses are able to create communities for their brands that include activity streams, social networking, blogs, wikis, badges and events. On the back end, the open source Web CMS platform provides analytics, support and management services for users.

Status Streams in Commons

At Enterprise 2.0 this week, Acquia demoed new status stream functionality that will be in the next version of Commons. The ability for users to post short updates to groups and users encourages new users to jump in and participate, provides a centralized space for ambient communication that doesn't need to crowd your inbox, and keeps users connected and engaged.

Acquia Announces Open Social Business Software Commons 2.0 [6/21/11]

BOSTON, MA (ENTERPRISE 2.0 CONFERENCE 2011) – June 21, 2011 - Acquia, the leading provider of commercial solutions for Drupal, today introduced Commons 2.0, the next generation of its ready-to-use open social business software solution.

Commons product info


Commons’ collaborative environment brings together blogs, wikis, and calendars, and much more to create productive interactions among employees, customers, and the web — at a much lower cost than other solutions.

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