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Managed Cloud pro tip: The Environments

Managed Cloud is a great tool for hassle-free management of your Drupal sites and works great out of the box. What I realized in the last weeks is that it has a lot of features that we don’t typically advertise to users but are hugely valuable for them. Development environments are one of those.

The standard of Drupal development stipulates that you need three environments for your users:

Phase2 Technology migrating the Georgia Technology Authority to OpenPublic [9/14/11]

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mercredi, le 14 septembre 2011h
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Phase2 Technology will be teaming with Acquia and Mediacurrent to provide development and hosting support in the transition from Vignette, the Georgia Technology Authority's current enterprise content management system.

Life in the Cloud

While I love life in the Internet Cloud, it was a gray, rainy few days at the end of last week.

While it's easy to point fingers at Amazon Web Services, I'm focused on how Acquia can do better. Our goal is to deliver fantastic end-to-end service and support for our customers' web sites irrespective of problems in the underlying infrastructure. That's for us to worry about, mitigate against, and repair — not you.

Acquia Introduces Two New Cloud Hosting Offerings

Proven Drupal Cloud Platform Adds Developer Self-Service Options to Its Cloud Hosting Platform and Rebrands Premier Hosting Services

Moving content to the cloud

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Samedi, le 20 decembre 2014h
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Massive server racks are less common décor for publishers, as cloud-based services have become an efficient way to host and manage Web content.