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Winning the War Against Spam With Java [Feb 2012]

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lundi, le 6 février 2012h
Jive Magazine

Mollom eliminates unwanted postings from websites worldwide.

Got spam? Who doesn't! But if you think finding and deleting a few hundred spam messages from your inbox or Website is a challenge, try deleting a few hundred million. That's the volume that leading spam-fighters such as Dries Buytaert battle each day. As co-creator of Mollom, a Java-based technology that processes hundreds of requests per second to keep the invading horde at bay, Buytaert is continually confronted with the "dark side" of the internet: it has become a petri dish of sorts, breeding countless unsolicited automated messages and comments like invasive bacteria.

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Announcing the Launch of the King Center website and Digital Archive

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There are few figures who have had as great an impact on the history of the last century as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While every schoolchild is aware of the role he played in the American Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King’s efforts to improve society through non-violent social activism are less widely-known today.