For Customers: Acquia Insight Sneak Peek: Improve Code QA, App Monitoring and Developer Workflow

Acquia's engineering team has been burning the midnight oil lately and has A LOT to show for it! We'll give you a sneak peek prior to the GA launch of the new features of Acquia Insight. In addition to significant enhancements to performance, security and best practices tests (totaling over 200), we have added user permissions and uptime visibility insight.

Join us for this webinar to see these awesome new features of Acquia Insight, including:

  • Customization: Create your own alerts to make it fully customized to your app
  • Fix-it-Now: Hit the button and the fix is done for you!
  • User Permissions: Create roles, teams and permissions at a granular level to restrict activities which works for error proof developer workflows!
  • Uptime Visibility: Uptime monitoring to view the health of your Drupal site and provides information about issues your site may be having

Customer attendees will get access to beta programs!