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Learn more about Acquia's products through a free online webinar live including Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation.

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01:00 PM EDT


When it comes to cloud hosting, is security your number one concern? If you answered yes, we’re ready to help you put those concerns to rest.

Acquia secures some of the most mission critical Drupal sites in the world on its cloud hosting platform. Security is paramount and our experts will share what they’ve learned to help you follow best practices on your own sites.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

Security best...

Justin Cuyler, Director, Information Security and Compliance, Acquia; Andrew Kenney, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


Feeling the multisite madness? It’s not you, it’s your platform.

For proprietary builds, it’s pretty simple. You’re stuck with someone else’s system. You don’t control the roadmap. You don’t control the code. You don’t have the ability to add features when you need them.

But guess what? There’s a secret sauce to managing many sites or multisite instances. It’s a secret sauce that many organizations are pouring into their IT...

Ryan Casey, Product Marketing Manager, Acquia

11:00 AM EDT


Welcome to the Acquia Partner Program!

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve put together everything you need to know about Acquia into a 30 minute webinar.  During this webinar, we’ll give you an overview of Acquia, our partner program and the recommended next steps to get you started as an Acquia partner.

After this 30 minute session, you will understand:

The Acquia partner program value propositionHow to engage with...

Matt Bachman, Acquia Channel Manager

01:00 PM EDT


In today’s digital economy, organizations are faced with a powerful choice: evolve or die.

Faced with this choice, businesses are learning how to be the disrupters. They must transform in order to reinvent their approach to business, capture new market share, and best the competition.

The playing field has changed dramatically and is about to change again. With the advent of the Internet of Things, wearable technology and...

Tom Wentworth, CMO, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


Join Peter Manijak, our Head of Certification, and Ben Ortega, Director of Learning Services to find out about the newest exam offer and supporting courseware for the Acquia Certification Program. We’ll review the new credential that can be earned and the roadmap for future exams. We’ll also show you what the certification process is like and how to prepare yourself to achieve an Acquia Certification credential.

In this webinar you...

Peter Manijak, our Head of Certification, and Ben Ortega, Director of Learning Services

01:00 PM EDT


Drupal is typically thought of as a Content Management System and although this is true at its core, it has the potential to be used to do much more. Drupal is a powerful web application platform with a dimension of capabilities useful for integrating multiple sources of information. By utilizing the extensibility of Drupal, organizations can increase data liquidity between enterprise systems and improve secure and compliant data access for...

Ben Schluter - Marketing Manager, Achieve Internet

11:00 AM CEST


Pourquoi et comment personnaliser le parcours digital de vos clients ?

Vos clients souhaitent vivre une expérience riche et unique. Vous devez leur raconter une histoire qui leur parle et les implique !

Pourquoi et comment personnaliser des expériences digitales uniques ?
En exploitant au mieux les données client à votre disposition, vous avez la capacité de construire cette expérience et développer une relation...

Cyril Reinhard, Director of Product Marketing EMEA, Acquia and Raphael Khaiat, Solution Architect EMEA, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


With the rise of Enterprise IT Systems, such as Marketo, SharePoint, and Salesforce, more organizations and clients are asking for custom integration with their 3rd party platforms. A common need for many organizations is integrating Drupal with these systems. A proper strategy can double the effectiveness of the integration.

Join Achieve Internet, to find out how they plan, execute and implement successful integration projects. They’...

Dagoberto Aceves, Achieve Internet

01:00 PM EDT


The rise of the experience web (and the future of web content management) is here and we’re now in the most innovative era in the history of technology. Major advances are already on the short-term horizon, including wearables, the internet of things, real-time geo-location targeting, drones, and even self-driving cars.

The intersection of these new technologies creates tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking companies to redefine...

Dries Buytaert, Creator of Drupal and Project Lead, Chief Technology Officer, Acquia and David Aponovich, Senior Director of Digital Experience, Acquia