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Libérez votre plate-forme E-commerce

Vous avez placé d’importants investissements financiers et humains pour mettre en place une plate-forme robuste pour les besoins de votre entreprise ainsi que l’infrastructure opérationnelle qui la supporte. Malgré cela, votre site n’arrive plus à répondre aux exigences de vos clients dans les délais qu’ils attendent.
Que faire? Il est évident que vous ne pouvez pas purement et simplement abandonner la solution en place et les investissements qu’elle a nécessité.

Personnalisation: Pour bien démarrer

Créer une expérience digitale unique pour chaque visiteur
La règle de la personnalisation est bien connue : le bon message (contenu), adressé au bon client (segment), au moment approprié (contexte). Sur le Web, on peut distinguer plusieurs types de personnalisation, que nous allons analyser dans cet ebook, en ayant pris soin de détailler les points à prendre en compte pour implémenter la personnalisation.
Cet ebook peut être utilisé comme un guide des meilleures pratiques pour maximiser l’expérience client et l’expérience de votre marque via la personnalisation.

Five Steps to Get Ready for the Acquia Certified Developer Exam

“I want to get Acquia Certified. How do I prepare for the exam?” is a frequently asked question since the launch of the Acquia Certified Developer exam in March 2014.
Whether you are an expert Drupalist or a relatively new one, this guide will provide you with an insight into the nature of the exam, give you clear advice on how you can prepare, and provide some useful exam-taking tips.

5 Stratégies

Pour une convergence réussie entre Contenu et Commerce
Les règles du jeu ont changé pour les marques qui sont présentes sur le Web. Les consommateurs se construisent désormais leur parcours personnel pour découvrir votre marque à travers la multitude de canaux digitaux et réseaux sociaux à leur disposition.
Prises dans la tempête de cette transformation digitale, les entreprises cherchent à reprendre le contrôle de leur stratégie de marque.
Dans cet ebook, nous détaillons 5 stratégies qui permettent de maximiser l’intégration entre contenu et commerce.

Bâtir son succès sur l’Acquia Cloud

Plusieurs options s'offrent à vous. Des options sur la manière dont votre site va être développé, mais également sur comment l'expérience client est déployée. La solution nouvelle génération d'hébergement ne doit plus se contenter de l'hébergement d'une application mais aussi de l'environnement dans lequel est construit cette application. Vous devez prendre en compte les avantages et inconvénients de chacune des options: fait soi-même avec une solution on-premise, fait soi-même avec un hébergeur, ou encore une solution PaaS pre-construite pour vos besoins.

Five Reasons Enterprise Marketers Will Love Drupal 8

Drupal 8’s Power, Ease of Use, and Enterprise Level Technology Make It the Go-To Platform for Enterprise Marketers
The anticipated release of Drupal 8 promises some great opportunities and advantages for new marketers and new applications . Drupal 8 delivers all the power, capability and ease of use to make it a true enterprise-ready tool, with features rivaling any CMS on the market. It delivers on where the market is trending and the technologies of the internet . Reinforced stability and reliability increase Drupal’s suitability for the enterprise business more than ever.

Acquia Digital Lifecycle Management

Fostering Continuous Success in the Digital World
Acquia sees a market shift, which requires solutions that include functionality for building truly integrated experiences quickly and deploying those experiences reliably. Acquia calls this category of technology Digital Lifecycle Management.

All Commerce Is Social

Way back in 1999—a thousand years ago in Internet years—a writer and designer, named Darcy DiNucci, coined the phrase Web 2.0. This marked the beginning of the web as a social experience, eventually altering commerce so that today customers can be brand advocates who play a crucial role in building your business.

From Zero to 60... Build Great Digital Experiences in Higher Education with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Colleges and universities were among the first organizations to create websites. they are natural content generators with access to great thinkers, cutting edge research, and engaged students, not to mention they embody the word community. the web, as a result, was the perfect vehicle for them to communicate all they had to share and to connect with others.

From Zero to 60

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Financial Services Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory
Whether that includes spinning up sites for new campaigns or being able to focus marketing and content efforts on educational landing pages, Financial Services brands are using digital to expand their impact. Reduced costs, time to market, and the speed and agility to keep up with rapidly changing consumer expectations are the priorities. In this ebook, we’ll look at the ways Financial Services can execute strategic content changes—meeting their goals for cost effectiveness and rapid deployment—with one solution.

Building a Great Drupal Team

The web has seen rapid growth over the last 15 years. In addition, specialization 
of roles and job definitions have increased over the last five years. Meanwhile, these shifts and changes make assembling a great technical team especially difficult. Employers in the field of web development are competing to attract the brightest talents.
To create a great digital experience with Drupal, you need a great Drupal team. In this eBook, we share our recommendations for building your great Drupal team.

Putting the Design in Responsive Design

Best Practices Guide
Designing your digital site for desktop or laptop, as well as tablets and smartphones within a single codebase, is called responsive design.
The promise of responsive design? A single, digital site optimized for devices with various screen sizes. With so much information and so many content types, communicating key messages effectively is a challenge. This ebook provides best practices to consider while thinking through your redesign.

The Cloud Revolution

IT Adapts as Hosted Solutions Redefine Tech Roles
Today, cloud computing not only has changed how data is stored, but is permanently altering the role of information technology; IT professionals are using the current upheaval to define new roles, to explore new territories, and to push their companies in new directions .
In this ebook, we’ll look at IT’s new role in business strategy and introduce you to the practitioners and thinkers who are taking advantage of the cloud revolution to redefine their careers and the role of IT.

From Zero to 60...

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Life Sciences Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory
Today’s marketplace couldn’t be more competitive. Staying ahead of the competition means being able to respond to a changing market instantly. In the Life Sciences industry, launching a marketing campaign, a new product, a new brand, or even a new family of brands can mean the difference between success…or trailing the pack. Acquia Cloud Site Factory offers a turnkey solution for deploying one—or many—sites quickly and inexpensively, and with rich content. Acquia manages the technology so that you can manage the content.

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

UK Central and Local Government Edition
To be successful today, an organization must keep up with web-savvy digital natives who switch seamlessly between devices, channels, as well as their work and home personas. The objectives of cost efficiency and innovation might appear to be at odds, but the right choice of CMS can mean that your organization can have its cake and eat it too. This eBook provides some insights and recommendations into how to select a CMS that meets your needs.