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You Can Have It All: Build Creative Brand Sites Faster [June 26, 2014]

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“I want to bring new products and campaigns to market faster.”
Simple, right? Yet how many of us digital marketers have this dream, but don’t actually get to turn it into a reality?

For some, you may find yourself spending more time negotiating or revising project timelines with IT than launching killer digital marketing campaigns. Or, maybe you’ve just become painfully accustomed to having your marketing website requests postponed or delayed because of higher priority IT projects.

It’s time to shake up your digital strategy. Join us for a webinar to learn about Acquia Cloud Site Factory—the digital experience platform that gives your marketing team the agility and freedom to connect with digital consumers AND scales to meet the needs of your IT organization. We’ll review how you can:

• Give marketing a toolkit for self-service site creation
• Launch websites by the hundreds, with minimal effort
• Create websites that adhere to brand standards (and still maintain creative freedom!)
• Build mobile-ready, responsive sites
• Integrate with your existing digital marketing tools and 3rd party platforms to drive results

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jeudi, le 26 juin 2014h
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