Accueil / How to Easily Uncover Usability Issues [June 20, 2013]

How to Easily Uncover Usability Issues [June 20, 2013]

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Are you a dedicated developer and passionate about Drupal? Do you want to deliver great user experiences to your customers? Are you unsure where to start?

If you don't have the time or budget to hire a researcher, it's still possible to gain invaluable insights using unmoderated usability testing. In this session, Acquia’s UX researcher and Core UX contributor, Dharmesh Mistry, will give you the ammunition for uncovering usability issues. He will teach you the essential skills to conduct usability tests in a cost effective way.

You will learn about:
• Why usability testing is important
• How you can find the right participant pool
• Creating a plan for testing
• Analyzing the results and how to present findings to stakeholders

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jeudi, le 20 juin 2013h