Accueil / How to Build a Great Drupal Team [December 18, 2013]

How to Build a Great Drupal Team [December 18, 2013]

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Are you setting up your own Drupal team? Perhaps you’re an agency adopting Drupal as one of your services, or you might be looking to bring development in-house by building your own team, or converting an existing team. As you know, you need to be adaptable; the team you build will depend on the sizes of your projects and your existing team make-up. If you’re looking to hire you might have experienced some challenges already.

In this session, we’ll help you by covering:
• Typical Drupal team composition as relates to project size or complexity.
• Where teams go wrong.
• How to avoid pitfalls with typical job descriptions for Drupal.
• Transferable skills to select the best candidates with potential to be successful in Drupal.
• Free and paid training options available; what to expect from training.

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mercredi, le 18 decembre 2013h