Globalizing online content is more important than ever. The total spending power of online consumers around the world is nearly $50 trillion, a recent Common Sense Advisory report found. Three years ago, enterprises would have to translate content into 37 languages to reach 98 percent of Internet users. Today it takes 48 languages to reach the same amount of users.

For companies seeking to increase global market share, “translate frequently and fast” is the name of the game. Today’s content is dynamic and ever-changing, covering the gamut from social media sites to company forums to press releases. With high-quality translation and localization, enterprises can tailor content to consumers around the world.

When it comes to the “frequently and fast” part of the equation, enterprises run into problems. Professional service providers provide translated content in files, which company workers then have to manually insert into their CMS. When companies update or edit source documents, they have to hunt down all the translated content and change each document individually.

Lingotek and Drupal have solved the problem by making the Lingotek Translation Management System fully integrated and interoperable with Drupal. Lingotek combines best-in-class machine translation solutions, real-time community/crowd translation and professional translation to enable companies to publish globalized content in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Drupal simplifies the creation and management of different types of content across multiple channels, including social media.
The fact is, with traditional translation methods, there’s simply no way to keep up with today’s continuously updated, socially-driven websites. Dynamic content needs dynamic translation! Watch a customer presentation..

Fortunately, Lingotek has developed a Drupal Inside integration to connect to our Lingotek Translation Management Systems. This provides a time and cost savings in itself, but even more powerful is the ability to engage any interested parties in the translation process be it bi-lingual employees, partners, or even customers.
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Lingotek | The Translation Network gives enterprise business customers new ways to engage their global communities by providing trusted, rapid translations from machines and humans. Acquia Network customers enjoy 1 free language in the Enterprise account for 12 months ($5,000 value).

The Massive Benefits of Integrated
Translation in Drupal

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Translating web content using this integrated, collaborative tool isn’t just superior to the old model of translation; it’s the only way to keep up. Here are some of the massive benefits:

  • Cost Savings - You can largely avoid the cost of having professional translators work on small but expensive jobs by having your community do the translations. If you still want professionals involved, have them just do a final review of the community translations at a much lower cost.
  • Faster Translation Times - A strong community can identify new content and have it translated the same day with the right tools and access. In fact, your community can self-select the most important content and translate it first. Even if you still use professional translators you will see a substantial speed increase.
  • Higher Quality - It may seem counter-intuitive to think that a community of non-professional translators would produce higher-quality translations, but it’s true. One study showed that computer-aided community translations were indistinguishable from professional translations and sometimes even superior since the community had a more topic-specific knowledge of the language. Subject matter expertise is important!
  • Real-time Monitoring - Know down to the sentence what has been translated and how much remains. The days of emailing a word document into a black hole and waiting for it to come back translated with no indication of ongoing progress are gone.
  • Eliminate the Copy/Paste Method of Translating - Copying and Pasting content into emails or documents is messy and confusing. Multiple versions of documents create errors and lag in your project. Translating content directly in its native environment facilitates a smooth flow and fast turn-around.
  • Increased Involvement and Loyalty - By engaging your bi-lingual employees, customers and partners in the translation process you can actually increase their loyalty and sense of community. Offering incentives or awards for their contribution can help them feel the value of contributing and make them feel a part of something great.

About Lingotek

Lingotek | The Translation Network helps your business access new markets and reach global customers. Lingotek - Inside content management system modules, along with its sophisticated cloud-based translation management system and extensive network of professional translation service providers, offer customers the ability to create and manage all of their multilingual content with ease. Today, global organizations, intelligence agencies and government entities use Lingotek, saving time and money. Lingotek was named by Gartner Inc's as a 2012 Cool Vendor in Content Management. The company is based in Lehi, Utah and is funded by Signal Peak Ventures and In-Q-Tel.